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Jan 10, 2020


American Greatness: Intelligence Community’s Inspector General Is the Link Between FISAgate and Impeachment
American Thinker: Trump wows the crowd at Toledo rally – and takes no prisoners.
AP: US adds 145,000 jobs; unemployment holds at 3.5%
FOX Business: Dow crosses 29,000 for first time
Gateway Pundit: Joe diGenova: Corrupt Mueller Prosecutor in General Flynn’s Case, Van Grack, Is a “German Soldier Digging His Own Friggin’ Grave”
Information Liberation: Let Her Off: DOJ Inquiry Into Hillary Clinton ‘Finds Nothing’
Issues & Insights: Unjust Michael Flynn Sentencing Is The Last Straw
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
Mediaite: Pelosi Announces Plan to Bring Impeachment to Senate
Newsmax: US Hits Iran With New Sanctions After Missile Strikes
PJ Media: Five Obama Foreign Policy Messes That Trump Is Cleaning Up
Rasmussen®: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
The American Spectator: The Reagan Revolution Gives Way to the Trump Revolution
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