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Nov 22, 2019


American Thinker: Election Fraud on a National Scale?
Breitbart: McCarthy: I Don’t Know if Democrats Will Have Votes to Move on Impeachment
CNS News: Sen. Graham Seeks Documents on Joe Biden’s Dealings With Ukraine
Gateway Pundit: AG Barr’s US Attorney John Durham Reportedly Took a Third Trip to Italy and Is Now Investigating Pentagon in His Russia Collusion Probe
IJR: Trump Signs Funding Bill to Avert Government Shutdown This Week
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
Newsmax: Trump: Sticking With Vice President Pence as 2020 Running Mate
OANN: Swing States Adopt Audit Tool To Safeguard Voter Ballots Ahead Of 2020 Election
PJ Media: HOA Bans 4-Year-Old From Playing Outside Condos, Family Cries ‘Racism’
RedState: Hunter Biden-Linked Firm Got $130 in Fed Bailout Loans When Joe Biden Was VP
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