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Nov 21, 2019


American Thinker: Poll: Trump surges against nearly all Democrats in Wisconsin
Breitbart: Graham: Horowitz FISA Report Will Be Released on December 9
Conservative Review: VP Pence contradicts Sondland testimony, says discussion ‘never happened’
Facebook: Your Voice Your Call
Federalist: All Eyes On Judge In Michael Flynn Case After Weeks Of Shocking Developments
FOX News: Peter Schweizer on Clinton Foundation’s money troubles: ‘They don’t have influence to sell’
Gateway Pundit: DHS Officials Praise “We Build the Wall” Privately-Funded Border Wall Organization – 35 More Miles Planned! (VIDEO)
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
National Review: Fiona Hill Calls Ukrainian 2016 Election Interference ‘Fictional Narrative’ in Opening Statement
New York Post: MCC prison guard willing to dish on Epstein death, cooperate with IG probe
OANN: Ukrainian MP Says Burisma Head To Be Indicted, Hunter Biden Slush Fund Named
PJ Media: ‘Coup’ Concerns Suddenly Don’t Seem So Far-Fetched
RedState: Report: FBI Looking to Speak to the Whistleblower
RSBN: LIVE: Pres. Trump Awards National Arts, Humanities Medal
Washington Times: Ratings fall flat as most Americans tune out impeachment spectacle
Western Journal: Sen. Kennedy: Drywall Is Like Epstein – It Doesn’t Hang Itself


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