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Sep 25, 2019


• American Military News: Video of a bragging Biden trading $1 billion in Ukraine aid for official firing resurfaces amid Trump flap 
• AP News: Trump tweets with fury, says impeachment push helps him 
• Big League Politics: Report: Federal Officials Found That Whistle-Blower Had ‘Political Bias’ for ‘Rival Candidate’ of President Trump 
• Breitbart: ‘State of Emergency’: L.A. City Council Paralyzed by Homeless Crisis 
• CNS News: Trump to Release Declassified, Unredacted Transcript of Conversation with Ukraine 
• Conservative Review: Levin: ‘There’s not a single Democrat who’s interested’ in Hunter Biden’s suspicious business history 
• FOX59: Man charged in murder of Deputy Pickett expected to plead guilty on Friday 
• Hot Air: Iran To Trump: Let’s Make A Deal? 
• Legal Insurrection: Trump Ukraine Transcript: Asked for Biden Review, But Made No Mention of Withholding Military Aid 
• MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average 
• MRC TV: Rep. Gooden Moves To Remove Nadler As Chair Of Judiciary Committee 


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