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Sept 3, 2019


American Military: US unleashes military to fight fake news, disinformation
American Thinker: Lies and all, vote Trump in 2020
Business Insider: Hurricane Dorian is slowly inching from the Bahamas to the US, leaving devastation in its wake
Emerson Polling: August National Poll: Sanders Closing Gap with Biden; Mayor Pete Fades
Hot Air: Biden: We Gotta Ban “Magazines That Hold Multiple Bullets,” Or Something
Live Science: Extremely Dangerous Hurricane Dorian Expected to Make Close Shave with Florida
Market Watch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
MRC TV: Good News & Bad News: Chicago Shootings Down From 2018 Despite Rise in Labor Day Weekend Shootings
Newsbusters: Ex-Trump Aide Expresses Alarm at 90-Percent Negative Trump Coverage, McCurry Mocks Him
Newser: De Blasio Spent 7 Hours at City Hall in a Month: Report
Twitter: Todd Huff
Video: “Trump 2020 Rally Song” – Deplorable Choir


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