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Jun 6, 2019


American Greatness: Why Are Democrats Obstructing Justice?
American Military News: World War II veterans share memories of D-Day invasion
American Thinker: Dems need to be careful what they wish for
AP: D-Day 75: Nations honor veterans, memory of fallen troops
Breitbart: D-Day in Photos: ‘The Free Men of the World Are Marching Together to Victory
CNS News: Trump Remembers Those Who Fought and Died ‘For Liberty, Democracy and Self-Rule’
Conservative Review: Border crisis: May apprehensions set records, demonstrate a ‘full-blown emergency’
Newsmax: Trump to D-Day Veterans: You Are Among the ‘Greatest Americans’
New York Post: Military vehicle accident at West Point turns deadly: reports
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
RSBN: Mitch McConnell: Senate Unlikely to Vote on ‘Dreamers’ Bill
Special Guest: Laura Loomer
Special Guest: Michaele McMillan
Study Finds: Soldiers In U.S. Army Have Worse Heart Health Than Civilians, Surprising Study Shows


Here are some of the places I go to prepare for the show: