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July 21, 2020


 American Greatness: Soros Prosecutor Files Charges Against St. Louis Couple
•  BPR: Jemele Hill calling all Trump voters racists with ‘no wiggle room’ gets kudos from journalists
•  Breitbart: John Solomon & Seamus Bruner: Vice President Joe Biden Helped Sweep Russian Spy Ring Under the Rug
•  CNBC: Don’t expect new coronavirus relief bill until August, top House Republican says
•  CNS: CDC: COVID Deaths for Week Ending July 4 Down 83% From Peak; But Down Only 9% From Prior Week
•  Daily Caller: Christopher Steele Text Messages Revealed At First Day Of Dossier Defamation Trial
•  Daily Caller: White House Says 40 U.S. Code 1315 Gives Trump, DHS Jurisdiction To Act In Portland
•  Judicial Watch: New FBI Emails – The ”Frantic” Targeting of President Trump
•  Hot Air: Tucker Carlson: NYT Plans To Doxx Us In Upcoming Exposé
•  Marketwatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
•  Newsmax: Majority Say US Universities Headed Down Wrong Path
•  NYP: Media told America FBI had proof of collusion as bureau was realizing it had nothing
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
 The Hill: New York City spent $52 million on coronavirus hospital that served 79 patients



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