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Jul 18, 2019


American Thinker: Third wildcat bid to Impeach Trump leaves Nancy Pelosi with egg all over her face
Big League Politics: PANSY: Media Crybaby Complains About Music Volume at President Trump’s Rally
Breitbart: Watch: RNC Hammers ‘Radical’ Socialism of ‘The Squad’ in Video
CNS News: Meet the Candidate Who Will Challenge AOC
Daily Wire: WATCH: Trump Brings Up Allegations That Ilhan Omar Married Her Brother
Hot Air: Hmmm: Prosecutors Fold In Spacey Trial After Accuser Takes The Fifth
MRC TV: Shut It Down: Republican Women Push Against CNN’s Narrative of Trump’s ‘Racism’
Newsbusters: The ‘Squad’ Won’t Condemn Antifa Terrorism….WHERE Are The Media?
New York Post: Prince Andrew’s ties to Jeffrey Epstein could become the most sordid royal scandal yet
Rasmussen Report: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Real Clear Politics: Full Replay: Trump Holds 2020 Campaign MAGA Rally in Greenville, NC
Special Guest: Couy Griffin of Cowboys For Trump
Special Guest: Cassidy Bailes
Study Funds: Study: People Who Overclaim Political Knowledge More Likely To Vote Anti-Establishment
The Washington Free Beacon: The Corporate Executives Elizabeth Warren Likes
Townhall: Here’s What Happened When a CNN Anchor Tried to Get a Group of Trump-Supporting Women to Admit He’s Racist
USA Today: Judge rejects bail for financier and sex offender Jeffrey Epstein
Washington Examiner: Trump’s average approval rating hits highest mark in 2019’s second quarter
Video: “I Stand For the Flag” by Wes Cook


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