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Jun 19, 2020


ABC7: Twitter flags Trump’s tweet of doctored ‘racist baby’ video
American Greatness: Tech Companies Increase Censorship Against Conservatives
American Thinker: The Polls Put Democrats in a Trap of Their Own Making
BPR: Tulsa declares last-minute curfew after Trump supporters waited for days outside rally venue
Daily Wire: Let The City Have Their Independence Without Cops’: Messages Among NYPD Urging Strike On July 4
Gateway Pundit: German Chancellor Angela Merkel finances Antifa Supporter with 1 Million for Left-Wing Propaganda
Issues & Insights: Dems’ Worst Nightmare – What If V-Shaped Recovery Is Real?
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
National Review: Trump Warns Mass Vote-By-Mail ‘Puts the Election at Risk’
PJ Media: Polls Are Getting Worse for Trump, Which Probably Means He Wins in a Landslide
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
TheBlaze: 34-year police force veteran fired following ‘racist and derogatory’ email saying Clinton Foundation, George Soros fund Black Lives Matter
Wayne Dupree: 10 Times Barack Obama Admitted DACA Was Unconstitutional


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