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Apr 29, 2020


BPR: Biden’s sexual assault accuser calls for complaint records to be released: ‘Why are they under seal?’
Breitbart: Special Needs Coffee Shop Worker Steals the Show at White House Event
DC Whispers: REPORT: Association of American Physicians and Surgeons Says Hydroxychloroquine Has 90% Success Rate In Treating Covid-19
Free Republic: Did a Chinese Foreign Minister Admit COVID-19 Came from a Lab?
Gregg Jarrett: Sen. Graham Releases Papadopoulos FBI Transcript; No Collusion
IJR: Trump Orders US Meat-Processing Plants to Stay Open Despite Coronavirus Fears
Judicial Watch: Judicial Watch Sues to Force Pennsylvania to Clean Its Voter Rolls, Alleges Pennsylvania Has over 800,000 Inactive Voters on Rolls
Legal Insurrection: U. Delaware Dodging Questions About Biden’s Senate Record Amid Assault Allegations
MarketWatch: Dow Jones Industrial Average
Mises: New York vs Texas: NY Has Nearly 50 Times More COVID-19 Deaths Per Capita
MRCTV: Last Year’s Flu Season Was the Deadliest In Four Decades, But Prompted Zero Shutdowns
Newser: Stone to Assange: ‘I’ll Bring Down the Entire House of Cards
Real Clear Politics: Steele Believes Clinton, Rice Knew About Anti-Trump Research


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