Jul 4, 2019


AEI: The Meaning of Independence Day
American Military News: Trump’s July 4th celebration in DC: What’s happening today and when – Blue Angels, concerts, parades, fireworks
American Thinker: Yes, you can watch the 4th of July’s Salute to America without the major networks
Breitbart: 13 Patriotic Quotes from America’s Founding Fathers
Information Liberation: Poll: One-Third of Americans Say The Media Is ‘The Enemy of The People’
Liberty Headlines: What the 13-Star Flag Meant to Betsy Ross, American Revolutionaries
Military.com: Military Services Will Foot the Bill for 4th of July Displays, Pentagon Says
MRC TV: BREAKING: ‘Mini-AOC’ Done Doing Videos Because of ‘Death Threats,’ ‘Left’s Harassment’
New York Post: This Fourth of July, why patriotism is worth defending
Rasmussen: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Red State: Eyes Are Rolling After Julian Castro Absurdly Compares Betsy Ross Flag To The Confederate Flag
RSBN: LIVE: Independence Day Celebration & President Trump’s 4th of July Speech from Washington, DC
The Epoch Times: Trump Says ‘Salute to America’ Celebration Will Be ‘Show of a Lifetime’—Here’s What to Expect on July 4th
Twitter: Wes Cook Band
US News: 10 Most Patriotic States
Watts Up With That: This Fourth of July, Put American Pride and Patriotism on Full Display
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Zero Hedge: Celebrating The Fourth, Then And Now


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