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May 8, 2019


American Military: At least 7 injured in Colorado school shooting – two suspects in custody
American Thinker: How much more racist will CNN be?
Breaking911: Trump Administration Allows Fourth of July Fireworks To Return To Mount Rushmore
Breitbart: White House to Barr: Prepare For War Over Mueller Report
CNS News: Trump Slams NY Times Tax-Loss Report As ‘A Highly Inaccurate Fake News Hit Job!’
Fox News: Meghan McCain, Seth Meyers have testy exchange over Ilhan Omar: ‘Are you her publicist?’ Election Results
Information Liberation: FBI Director Wray Says He Wouldn’t Call FBI Surveillance Of Trump Campaign ‘Spying’
Legal Insurrection: Double Standard: McCain Was Too Old in 2008, but Biden and Bernie Are Not In 2020
Newsmax: 9th Circuit Court of Appeals Backs Trump: OK to Make Asylum Seekers Wait in Mexico
PJ Media: The Morning Briefing: DOJ Threatens Executive Privilege Smack Down
Rasmussen Report: Daily Presidential Tracking Poll
Real Clear Politics: President Trump Job Approval
Red State: How the FBI Blatantly Lied About Christopher Steele To The FISA Court
RSBN: LIVE: President Trump Rally in Panama City Beach, FL 5/8/19
RT: Trump asserts executive privilege over Robert Mueller’s report – DOJ
The Epoch Times: FBI Director Cites Ongoing Investigation in Response to Spying Question
The United Free: ICE nabs illegal immigrant who allegedly drive into California home, killing 3 sleeping family members
Video: “THANK YOU FOR BELIEVING IN ME” by Salty Crystal
Zero Hedge: Christopher Steele Made Damning Pre-FISA Confession; FBI Retroactively