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On a day where Americans have a voracious appetite for food, it was matched by a desire to watch football.

CBS Sports announced Thanksgiving’s Cowboys-Raiders game had an estimated average viewership of 38.5 million, which would make it the most-watched regular season NFL game since 1990.

This number is “estimated” because it includes a combination of Nielsen’s Fast Nationals ratings plus an estimate from CBS of total out-of-home viewers “based on historical trends.”

The final number will be out Tuesday.

Out-of-home audience was not computed in quickly-available Nielsen metrics until last season – previously these numbers were not released until a good time later – but any way you slice it this is looking like it was a massive audience for CBS. Last year’s comparable game, Cowboys-Washington, averaged 30.3 million viewers on Fox.

The most-watched NBA game of the last 20 years, Cavs-Warriors Game 7 in 2016, averaged 31.02 million viewers. The Cubs winning the 2016 World Series in a tight Game 7 narrowly edged out Cowboys-Raiders, averaging 40.1 million viewers.

Cowboys-Raiders on Thanksgiving got enormous TV ratings.Get …

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