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Indianapolis, April 4, 2020

Seems today that a virus is interrupting life as we know it. What is the real reason for this virus? Is it a cover up for something bigger? In this article I will be telling you a few things that I invite you to research as well and stuff to ponder.

Are we seeing an epidemic or a false narrative? Well after some research and information sent to this reporter we have found it is a little of both. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way making light of a virus that is killing some people.

I do think we are being lied to.

First lets think about what transpired. President Trump put tariffs on China and started to regulate what they do, as it should be, then all of a sudden we have a virus outbreak and China is to blame. What about blaming the Democrats? Here is the bottom line.

The virus has been around since 1965, yes 1965. Mutated over the years but it did not just appear here and at some point we have probably already have had it. It is also called COV-19. 19 different mutations?

The numbers also do not add up. I have got good intel that some that have died did not die due to the virus. They claimed they did in order to raise the numbers. On top of that a member of the media told me that they where told to hype it. Wow!

Now we have seen in the news a lot of fake stories about it. Photos being used in both New York and Italy of an ICU. It is the same photo. Here is a link on that and Here as well.

Second. Where was the out cry during the H1N1 that killed more people? Even the flu kills more people. So is this a political move against Trump? I say yes.

Now in a video that a man, Gabe Lopez, was talking about the virus and a patent was granted to the US in 2006 for a virus with all the same symptoms. Then a patent was granted in 2019 to Europe with a vaccine. The video keeps getting taking down. Seems someone is onto something.

Now could this be a cover for a major event? Possibly. Here in this Video David talks about a 3 day shut down of phones and internet. During which will be a huge arrests taking place across the country. I have got multiple conformations that this is going to happen. Will it by April 10th? Don’t know for sure. Lets hope so. A perfect time to do this is now. International flights are grounded,. Shut downs in states that have a high virus cases are the main states that these people live in. Time to bust out the popcorn and watch.

Another interesting thought did come across our page from a follower. Is this virus related to the 5G network? We are investigating this idea. A video showed an area in Europe that 5G towers are in place and an over lay of the virus cases was almost exactly the same locations. Did make you think. That video has been taking down as well. Why?

We have also been getting conflicting reports from area hospitals on the true nature of people in the ICU with the virus. Reports from no one being in to about 19 in the ICU and all 19 will be going home. A 9 sec video was leaked to me that I want to be sure is real. It shows no one in the ICU but yet how do we know for sure. On our show Your Voice Your Call we will be updating this claim.

I think we are being deceived and it is not right. I encourage you to investigate for yourselves. Wiki links is not a true source. Also if you have information that maybe relevant please send them to us at Your Voice Your Call on facebook and we will look into it and value everyone’s opinions. Stay safe out here and see you soon.