Each year in July, Collector Car Appreciation Day recognizes the vital role automotive restoration and collection plays in American society. 

 Americans have had a fascination with the automobile since the first U.S. horseless carriage was demonstrated in 1893 by the Duryea Motor Wagon Company.  The romance of the motor took us from rough country roads to iconic highways and byways. We stretched our legs and cross the country more independently than ever before. The urge to go faster, fleeter, finer motivated design and ingenuity. 

The automobile appeals to American’s sense of adventure, nostalgia, perseverance, and exploration.  The motor companies tailored their designs to a public that demanded a particular style.  With the Ford assembly line came affordability.  We associate each era with a certain car.  Whether we ride in a Prohibition-era Cadillac Sedan, 1950s era muscle car or our grandfather’s pickup truck, they take us back. 

For a time, the automobile and the horse shared the road amid much confusion. No stop signs existed, let alone signals or laws. Yet today, the collectors of these bygone eras keep history and memories alive. They restore and maintain old metal, engines, and blinkers. Crank, push button or throttle starters that once rusted in a barn, rev to life. Specialists take great care to find the right part or color. From paint to upholstery, mechanics, and welders, any number of skilled artists will put their hard labor to work restoring a single collector car to pristine condition.

This day recognizes their dedication and knowledge for the preservation of a piece of American history.


Give a shout out to a dedicated restorer you know. Recognize their talent and knowledge. Post photos of your collector car on social media using #CollectorCarAppreciationDay.


Since 2009, SEMA Action Network (SAN) has sponsored Collector Car Appreciation Day. Per request of The SEMA Action Network (SAN), each year the U.S. Senate has passed a Resolution helping to launch the day. For more information visit www.semasan.com.