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The walls are closing in on the Clintons, as another close ally bites the dust…

An attorney who was once the co-chair of the Clinton Global Initiative has been charged with felonies and an arrest warrant has been issued against him by the Denver District Attorney’s office.

Steve Bachar has been charged with securities fraud and theft. A criminal complaint against him accuses him of stealing between $100,000 and $1 million and lying to an investor, according to the Denver Post.

Bachar, who served as White House advance lead and in the Treasury Department under former president Bill Clinton before joining the Clinton Global Initiative, also served on the national finance committee for Hillary Clinton’s failed presidential campaign in 2016 and as an adviser to former governor John Hickenlooper (D., Colo.). KEEP READING…


Former Clinton Global Initiative Co-Chair Steve Bachar has been indicted on felony theft and securities fraud counts.

— Nick Short ‎‎ (@PoliticalShort) October 27, 2021

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