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Walking Dead interviews and Sammy Terry

May 27, 2020 – Indianapolis

Grand opening

Saturday the 23rd was a great day for a local store Gray Skull collectibles located atv10059 East. Washington ST Indianapolis, In

The store struggled to make it through the cov-19 nonsense and survived. Owner Terence Muncy had an all day event with guests Josh Turner and daughter Kaylie both from the Walking Dead Series.

They both are in several other shows, and movies Kaylie is from The show Stranger Things.

Josh is a Indiana native and was once a pro wrestler before embarking on a career in TV and movie.

I had the privilege to interview them both. You can see it Here , uncut and was a lot of fun to do.

I also had the honor of interviewing the greatest horror host ever and a local legend Sammy Terry. That interview is also on the interview with Josh and Kaylie

Watch this Video to see him interacting with a few of his fans. A local horror actor, director, producer Rebecca Rinehart did a great interview with hi as well. You can see it Here

Both Josh and Kaylie are also involved in some great charities. Such as Pop for patients. Donate pops to put smiles on the kids faces who are sick.

Another one is Fight for Autism

And waiting to hear

All worth helping and making a difference in someone’s life. The information is there for you to check them out.

During our interviews we also had some fun in a photo shoot with a profesional photographer, however this shot is from a cell phone. I’m wearing the mask and Kaylie is taking revenge out on me. It was a lot of fun and I will be doing more interviews with all the guests.

No you ask what is Gray Skull Collectibles? It is a local store that has vintage toys from our childhood. Everything from GI Joe, Star Wars, Transformers, He-man and much more. The prices are fantastic and can not be beat. I will have an article about the store soon.

So a final announcement. Your Voice Your Call has now got onto the Patriots’ Soap Box , 24/7 news outlet, every Saturday night @10pm e.s.t. Check it out on YouTube and Roku.


COVID-19 What is really going on?

Indianapolis, April 4, 2020

Seems today that a virus is interrupting life as we know it. What is the real reason for this virus? Is it a cover up for something bigger? In this article I will be telling you a few things that I invite you to research as well and stuff to ponder.

Are we seeing an epidemic or a false narrative? Well after some research and information sent to this reporter we have found it is a little of both. Don’t get me wrong I am in no way making light of a virus that is killing some people.

I do think we are being lied to.

First lets think about what transpired. President Trump put tariffs on China and started to regulate what they do, as it should be, then all of a sudden we have a virus outbreak and China is to blame. What about blaming the Democrats? Here is the bottom line.

The virus has been around since 1965, yes 1965. Mutated over the years but it did not just appear here and at some point we have probably already have had it. It is also called COV-19. 19 different mutations?

The numbers also do not add up. I have got good intel that some that have died did not die due to the virus. They claimed they did in order to raise the numbers. On top of that a member of the media told me that they where told to hype it. Wow!

Now we have seen in the news a lot of fake stories about it. Photos being used in both New York and Italy of an ICU. It is the same photo. Here is a link on that and Here as well.

Second. Where was the out cry during the H1N1 that killed more people? Even the flu kills more people. So is this a political move against Trump? I say yes.

Now in a video that a man, Gabe Lopez, was talking about the virus and a patent was granted to the US in 2006 for a virus with all the same symptoms. Then a patent was granted in 2019 to Europe with a vaccine. The video keeps getting taking down. Seems someone is onto something.

Now could this be a cover for a major event? Possibly. Here in this Video David talks about a 3 day shut down of phones and internet. During which will be a huge arrests taking place across the country. I have got multiple conformations that this is going to happen. Will it by April 10th? Don’t know for sure. Lets hope so. A perfect time to do this is now. International flights are grounded,. Shut downs in states that have a high virus cases are the main states that these people live in. Time to bust out the popcorn and watch.

Another interesting thought did come across our page from a follower. Is this virus related to the 5G network? We are investigating this idea. A video showed an area in Europe that 5G towers are in place and an over lay of the virus cases was almost exactly the same locations. Did make you think. That video has been taking down as well. Why?

We have also been getting conflicting reports from area hospitals on the true nature of people in the ICU with the virus. Reports from no one being in to about 19 in the ICU and all 19 will be going home. A 9 sec video was leaked to me that I want to be sure is real. It shows no one in the ICU but yet how do we know for sure. On our show Your Voice Your Call we will be updating this claim.

I think we are being deceived and it is not right. I encourage you to investigate for yourselves. Wiki links is not a true source. Also if you have information that maybe relevant please send them to us at Your Voice Your Call on facebook and we will look into it and value everyone’s opinions. Stay safe out here and see you soon.


Interview With Flim Actress Rebecca Rinehart

Feb 24, 2020

As the host of Your Voice Your Call, I was able to get an interview with an iconic actress in the horror business of film making.

Rebecca Rinehart is well known in both film and podcast shows throughout the industry of horror.

She got her start in the business by doing interviews with directors and cast of some well known movies. She was asked to be in a movie, where she got the acting bug and from thier it took off for her. Rebecca gave up a job so she could pursue a different carrier filed with adventure.

On set of her latest movie, a Joey Jessup film called Purgatoreo, where I have been helping with camera work, during a break I got to sit down with Rebecca and do an interview for the show Your Voice Your Call. You can see it here

A shot from Purgatoreo

Rebecca has a podcast called In Mic of Madness you can go here on YouTube to check it out. She can be found on Facebook and Instagram.

It was a delight to do the interview and I hope to be doing another interview with her soon.

Check her out in this Interview with pophorror.com.


Reading Boot Camp Program

Indianapolis – January 25th, 2020

Today, I had the opportunity to attend the Reading Boot Camp Program at the Mars Hill Art Center in Indianapolis and what a treat! We learned how the program operates along with understanding the origins of phonics and what it means. So many success stories were shared about people, children and adults, that learned how to read due to one of the founders of the program Kathy and the rest of the group. I have to admit, it’s a pretty awesome program. Even my niece got involved. I’m hoping one day she will become a drill Sergeant.

In the photos you can see a little bit of what we did today. We even read from the victory drill book. That book is really an awesome teaching tool. Credit Chris Moore

If you are interested, you can contact them here and join in on the crusade.

Continue reading… “Reading Boot Camp Program”

New Twist On A Hot Show

Your Voice Your Call is a show that has been on social media and podcast for about three months now. It is now changing its look and direction. So what is new?

The show is still talking about the good in our city and surrounding areas. Highlighting people who are doing good deeds to enrich their neighborhoods. Along with new segments, the show talks about politics in a positive way. They added a new segment called Kids Corner. Spot lighting kids, and hosted by kids. The show is also adding a feature by having several different co hosts on as well. These new add ons is a nice change. The show is incorporating new technologies and visual effects to keep the audience engaged. New sets designs and artwork to keep it fresh. They even have commercials in the works to advertise the show. One big difference is the show will be live, with the ability to call in. The interviews will be live. Some will be pre recorded.

Host Chris Moore explains here more about it. You can find them on several multimedia platforms such as Facebook, a new Twitter and a new YouTube channel as well. A podcast app can be downloaded here, The podcast is a no holds, radio style show. That makes it a little edgy.

Your Voice Your Call is a show that shall go beyond the norm and bring new hope and reporting on things that local, mainstream media wont. Check them out, like the pages and subscribe.


Reading Boot Camp


Indianapolis – What is Summer Reading Boot camp? It is a program ran by volunteers who work with children of all ages. Using an intense program of phonics, so the kids become better readers and writers. Part of the program uses a direct approach based off of McGuffey Readers, we all remember them? Along with a chart based off of sounds found in most English words.

Along with the readers, they also use a Victory Drill Book to help drill the list of phonetically related words. In other words, they are using a system that we all grew up using to learn to read and write, old school style. Something that today’s schools and classes are lacking.

While the children are in the program, they also get to eat nutritious food and have fun learning. Even with older children, they help teach the younger kids to read using the same program.

This is such a great program and its sorely needed in the schools today. It’s no wonder students nowadays struggle, due to schools currently teaching the basic site not by sounding the words out. Some of these kids are as young as 7 and 8 years old and even some a little younger, while they are reading at a 9th grade and better level because of this program.

If you want to learn more or even help out you can get in contact with them at their Website or on Facebook. Everything about them and who to talk with is located thier. I highly recommend you check them out.


Wine of Plenty

Carmel – On Thursday, Crown Liquors and B 105.7 FM hosted a wine tasting event in Carmel, Indiana. In attendance was B 105.7 FM radio personalities Sean Copeland, Ann Richards, and Eric Allen. A night of unimaginable and unlimited wine tasting from multiple vendors from all around including California vineyards. This event surpassed last years by providing better food vendors, which was all included in the cost and believe it they did not disappoint. Where to began?

Lets start with some of the food. Simple, but tasty items ranging from cheese meat platters all the way up to wonderful meals. Like My Pretty Little Pretzel with multiple flavors that send your taste buds skyrocketing, but don’t forget Fleming’s Steakhouse with wonderful skewers and you can visit there website here.

However, the star of the event was in fact the wine. I have to say from $12 bottles all the way up to $100 a bottle. It was nice to be able to taste all of them and as much as you liked. The favorite of the event was the Rosa Regale sparkling red. If you like a sweet wine, then this is the wine for you! It also goes well with chocolate. During the event, you could order your favorites at a discounted price, then your choices are shipped to the closest Crown Liquor store for pick-up.

You can see for yourself in this short video below how nice it was. Next year, this is a must if you live within the Indianapolis area!


To PC or not to PC?

What does this mean? PC is an abbreviation for Precinct Committeeman. What is a PC chair? Simply put for each party, they have individuals who represent their district for that party in what’s known as PC and Ward seats. These seats are held by individuals, who help the parties decide which party member will run for a position in an up coming election.

So Where Does That Take Us?

These are very important seats. Unfortunately though in the Marion County GOP, there are over 400 of these seats that are empty and need to be filled. This is one of many reasons why the Republicans did not have a good choice for a candidate for Indianapolis Mayor. There just wasn’t enough people to vote for a better choice.

So, if the Republicans want to build a stronger party along with sharing the balance of power with the Democrats and making the future of Indianapolis a shinning city on a hill, these seats MUST be filled. Interesting tidbit to keep in mind is that anyone can run for those seats as long as they are in good standing with the Marion County GOP, which means a person must have voted in the last Republican primary. This coming May 2020, a person can do so and they will have a voice in what happens for Indianapolis.

If anyone would like to get involved there is a meeting, this will be the first of several starting Wednesday November 13, 2019 at 5:30 pm EDT to socialize, then 6:00 pm to 8:00 pm EDT at the MCL Cafeteria located at 2370 W. 86 St. Indianapolis. The Republican party needs people to get involved and have the county’s voices heard. Invitations have been sent to:
Senator Jim Merritt
Marion County GOP Chair Cindy Kirchhofer
Current PC’s

You can go here to check out the latest story from Your Voice Your Call, which also talks a little bit about the PC chair and why it is important. The Republican party is looking forward to a better future for all of the citizens of this amazing city.


The plight of the Republican party in Marion County.

Indianapolis, IN – What to say? This past Tuesday was the local election for Marion County and surrounding areas including the Mayoral and City Council elections in Indianapolis. The Democrats gained 6 additional seats to the council leaving only 5 Republican council members. The incumbent mayor Joe Hogsett won his election by a outstanding 71% of the vote with Republican challenger Jim Merritt only getting 26% of the vote. Can you say CRUSHED! Why did this happen?

Here’s a quick background on both candidates. Republican candidate Jim Merritt, who holds a seat in the State Senate. During the Republican primary, there were numerous individuals who ran against Senator Merritt in an attempt to knock him out of the race. Mayor Joe Hogsett has been the Mayor of Indy for past 3 1/2 years.

During both campaigns, Mayor Hoggset raised $5.5 million dollars for his campaign compared to Senator Merritt’s $750,000 dollars. The campaigns between the parties was boring, dull with no energy and both candidates acted like they did not want the job. Senator Merritt didn’t really put up much of a fight with only one TV commercial and one radio commercial. Where as Joe nailed it out of the park with really good campaign commercials on TV and radio.

During the debates, which there was little to none viewership, along with no enthusiasm shown by Mayor Hogsett or Senator Merritt. The only other candidate who was up against them was that of Libertarian candidate, Doug McNaughton, (see interview). He only got 2% of the vote with no party support. Sad.

This reporter was told that Senator Merritt had lost several people from his campaign and could not raise the funds. Nobody really wanted to back him or even wanted him to run. He was the only one that went to the slating process. The slating process is a barbaric process, where an individual goes before the party, a individual pleads their case and hopes the Republican party votes to nominate you. Since no one else was running thats how Senator Merritt won. A source close to the Republican party told me he had the nomination anyways, so why bother?

On Election day, many Republican voters stayed home, some did vote for their own party and some flipped and voted Democrat. A total number of about 160,000 voted out of 600,000 registered voters. With a sad and low turnout, you can see what happened and why.

I don’t know about you, but Senator Merritt was never a strong candidate. The Republican party made a big mistake by having him run. Now everything that happens in the next 4 years solely rests on the Democrats shoulders with having the Office of the Mayor and majority in the City County Council. Nice thing is though that will open the door for the Republican party in the next election. 

Myself along with others are working to get people together and run for PC chairs and Ward chairs next Spring to help the party get stronger as well as having a balance in power. GOP chair leader Cindy Kirchhofer is joining to help make sure of this process.

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