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Mass Protest CRACKDOWN After Bank Run In China

(CHINA) – Protests erupted after people couldn’t get their money out of their bank accounts in China. The CCP found a way to prevent some would-be protesters from joining the protest and dealt with the others who did manage to show up. NATO could move to the Pacific to counter China’s growing threat. And Xi Jinping makes his first trip in years (spoiler: he doesn’t go very far), writes China Uncensored.


Rare clouds that glow in dark most vibrant in 15 years

(WORLDWIDE) – This week, sky watchers in the upper United States, Canada and Europe have spotted a flurry of shimmering, ghostlike wisps in the night sky. The blue-silver streaks shine brightly only after the sun has disappeared beyond the horizon, entrancing viewers with their beautiful yet somewhat eerie appearance. These are not your everyday clouds. Researchers say. 

How PFIZER Won Pandemic — in Profit and Influence…

(GERMANY) – Reuters Germany’s Scholz sees no COVID-related school closures, lockdowns Germany will not shut schools and non-essential businesses again if the COVID-19 infection rate rises again later this year, but protective masks would play a bigger role, Chancellor Olaf Scholz told broadcaster ARD on Sunday. The infection rate in Germany has been on the rise for the past.

A Social Credit System Aimed at Modifying Climate Change Behaviors is Being Deployed in Italy

(ITALY) – Italy will become the first European nation to implement a social credit system – where citizens will be rewarded for their “good behavior”.

Starting in the fall of 2022, the city of Bologna will begin a new pilot project. Citizens who display good behavior such as correctly recycling or using public transportation will be rewarded.

The Bologna municipality is deploying a “Smart Citizen Wallet” which will be the primary method for citizens to collect digital coins in exchange for behavioral changes. Based on the given scores, a person can also receive discounts for local shops.

The primary argument for this program is to “save resources” and promote climate friendly behavior.

As reported by Bologna Today, Massimo Bugani, the councilor for the digital agenda in the northern city, said that while no one will be forced to use this application, he expects a high user uptake. In its current state, the system will not be tied to ot.

Pollak: Boris, not Biden, Visits Kyiv

(KYIV) – The visit Saturday of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to Kyiv, the capital of Ukraine, was a sharp contrast with the refusal of U.S. President Joe Biden to visit last month, when he decided to confine a regional visit to neighboring Poland.

— Charlie Spiering (@charliespiering) April 9, 2022
At the time, as Breitbart News reported, Biden told reporters that “they” would not let him go to Ukraine on his Europe trip:
President Joe Biden expressed regret Friday that his handlers would not let him travel into Ukraine to see firsthand the damage done by Russia.

“Quite frankly, part of my disappointment is that I can’t see it firsthand, like I have in other places,” Biden said during a visit to Poland. “They will not let me, understandably; I guess it would cross the border — and take a look at what’s going on in Ukraine.”
Biden’s advisers hailed his speech in Warsaw as a moment of great courage, but it pales in comparison to Johnson’s visit.

There were mixed opinions in the U.S. as to whether Biden should visit Kyiv. Some considered it too risky for the President of the United States, nominally the leader of the free world, to visit a war zone. A Russian attack, even in error, could have force …

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Shanghai Residents: ‘We’re Starving to Death!’

(CHINA) – When Sun Chunlan, a vice premier of the Chinese regime, recently visited Shanghai, where tens of millions were under COVID-19 lockdown, she was greeted by residents shouting from their apartment windows: “There’s no food left!” and “We’re starving to death!” Sun was accompanied by a swarm of local officials, cameramen, several vans with black tinted windows, and police vehicles. Yet, the streets were empty. The residents could only view the envoy from their apartments. Some were brave enough to shout from their windows or balconies.

Someone called out to the officials, “Can you arrange some vegetables to be sent over?” The officials, as seen in a video posted by residents in Jiading district, had no reaction whatsoever, as if they didn’t hear anything. Sun, a former head of the United Front Work Department, was appointed vice premier in 2018. Out of the four vice premiers, she is the only female and t …

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Why Were Russians Digging Trenches at Chernobyl?

(MOSCOW) – Russian Troops Dug Trenches At Chernobyl, Rising Radiation Levels – In a blatant disregard for their own lives as well as others, Russian troops dug trenches in the “Red Forrest” outside of Chernobyl, disturbing and spreading radioactive dust, while also taking radioactive material with them after their troops withdrew. Russian troops took the Chernobyl nuclear site on the first day of their invasion of Ukraine and promptly had their troops digging trenches in the Red Forrest.

Chernobyl was the site of one of the worst nuclear disasters in history when an explosion in 1986 spread nuclear contamination across Europe, and the Red Forrest is considered one of the most radioactive places on earth. And Russian soldiers were digging in the earth, spreading radioactive dust on their boots and spreading it to the surrounding area.  According to the state-run nuclear energy company Energoatom, the soldiers sto …

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China’s Covid Lockdowns, Surging Oil Add to Inflation Risks

(BEIJING) — China’s factory gate prices rose more than expected in March as oil prices climbed, while disruptions from Covid lockdowns drove up food costs, threatening the inflation outlook in the world’s second-largest economy. The producer price index gained 8.3% from a year earlier, official data showed Monday, down from 8.8% in February and above the median estimate of an 8.1% increase in a Bloomberg survey of economists.

Consumer-price growth accelerated to 1.5% after staying unchanged at 0.9% for two months. The war in Ukraine has pushed up the cost of global commodities including oil, adding to economic pressures as China battles it worst Covid outbreak in two years. Lockdowns to curb the spread of infections across several cities and provinces have disrupted food supplies, driving up pri …

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War set to cut Ukraine’s economy by almost half

(UKRAINE) – Ukraine is a large grain exporter. Ukraine’s economy is set to shrink by almost half this year as a result of the war, the World Bank has said. The institution forecasts Russia’s invasion will cause more economic damage across eastern Europe and parts of Asia than the coronavirus pandemic. The conflict in Ukraine has shut half of the country’s businesses and slashed exports, the World Bank said. Anna Bjerde, the bank’s vice-president, said Ukraine needed “massive financial support immediately”.

The bank has sent almost $1bn of assistance to Ukraine so far and has promised a further $2bn in the coming months. It said the closure of Black Sea shipping from Ukraine had cut off some 90% of the country’s grain exports and half of its total exports. Ukraine is the world’s biggest exporter of sunflower oil and the shutdown of exports has affected global food prices. The World Bank said the war had made economic activity impossible in large parts of the country, disrupting farming and harvest operations. “The magnitude of the humanitarian crisis unleashed by the war is staggering.

The Russian invasion is delivering a massive blow to Ukraine’s economy and it has inflicted enormous damage to infrastructure,” said Ms Bjerde. Farmer in field The bank said the 45.1% contraction estimate excluded the impact of physical infrastructure destruction, but said this would hamper future economic output further. While Ukraine’s economy will suffer the most damage by the war, the World Bank said Russia’s economy had been already plunged into a deep recession as a result of sanct …

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Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term as Hungary’s prime minister

(HUNGARY) – Viktor Orbán wins fourth consecutive term as Hungary’s prime minister. Rightwinger and Putin ally aims dig at Ukraine’s Volodymyr Zelenskiy after Fidesz party claims another super majority Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party is expected to have won 135 seats out of 199 in Hungary’s parliament, according to early results.

Viktor Orbán’s Fidesz party is expected to have won 135 seats out of 199 in Hungary’s parliament, according to early results. Photograph: Bernadett Szabó/ReutersViktor Orbán has won a fourth successive term as Hungary’s prime minister, capping a campaign dominated by his controversial stance on Russia’s invasion of Ukraine with a speech that appeared to mock Volodymyr Zelenskiy, the Ukrainian leader.Ecstatic chants of “Viktor, Viktor” greeted Orbán as he addressed supporters of his Fidesz party outside its election headquarters on the banks of the Danube in Budapest as results made the scale of his victory apparent.With nearly 86% of the vote counted on Sunday night, Fidesz was on course to increase its parliamentary majority by winning 135 seats in the 199-member parliament, crushing a six-party opposition bloc that united to form a common front aimed at unseating Orbán.Instead, the ruling party has retained its two-thirds super majority, which has enabled it to reshape Hungarian politics and social policy during its 12 years in power.The popular vote margin was 53.7% for Fidesz to 34.4% for the United for Hungary opposition grouping, fronted by Péter Márki-Zay, who conceded defeat on Sunday night.“The entire world can see that our brand of Christian democratic, conservative, patriotic politics has won,” a smiling, swaggering Orbán – with members of his cabinet behind him – told the crowd, standing in frigid temperatures. “We are sending Europe a message that this is not the past – this is the future.”Orbán also made reference to criticism directed at him by Zelenskiy, who has repeatedly challenged the Hungarian leader over a perceived lack of support and an unwillingness to condemn his close ally Vladimir Putin in person for the invasion of Ukraine.“This victory is one to remember, maybe even for the rest of our lives, because we had the biggest [range of opponents to] overpower. The left at home, the international left, the bureaucrats in Brussels, the money of the Soros empire, the international media and even the Ukrainian president in the end,” he said to laughter from the crowd.The opposition bloc led by Péter Márki-Zay has complained about a huge imbalance in election spending and communication. Photograph: Márton Mónus/ReutersConceding defeat, Márki-Zay said he was “devastated” and attributed its scale to Fidesz’s gerrymandering methods and other changes to the voting system while in office.“I don’t want to hide my disappointment and my sadness. We never expected this to be the result,” he said.“We knew beforehand that this was going to be an imbalanced fight. Yes, they’ve cheated too. But we’ve also said that since there is no democracy in Hungary and they’ve changed the whole system, the districts.”Hungary votes in general election as Viktor Orbán seeks fourth termRead moreOrbán’s party has strengthened its hold on office through a favourable media ownership structure and changes to the voting system that critics say renders elections unfair.Márki-Zay, a 49-year-old economist, has complained bitterly that he was given only five minutes of airtime on public TV to state his case.The op …

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