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  • July 31, 2021

Transgender Internet Personality Allegedly Admits To Sexually Assaulting Their Own Mother

Police in Virginia have reportedly served a protective order against autistic transgender Internet personality Christine Chandler, better known as their Internet moniker, Chris Chan, and born Christopher Chandler, after the publication of audio and text messages that appear to feature 31-year-old Chandler discussing sexually abusing their mother, 80-year-old Barbara Chandler, who is widely believed to be suffering from dementia.

In a nearly 10 minute audio recording posted to Kiwi Farms, the person identified as Chandler appears to admit to having repeated sexual intercourse with their mother since June of this year, and at one point explains that “We’ve been doing it every third night and the first night was on June 27”. The person identified as Chandler explained that they approached Barbara Chandler “with care and caution” in “a timed approach” that “just branched out slow and steady” until they let Barbara “make the first move, and she wanted to do it.”

The person identified as Chandler also appeared to share share graphic details of the intercourse. “She’s got a really sensitive g-spot, because apparently I don’t believe her… any of her past boyfriends, ex husbands, they haven’t really reached, hit her g-spot really”, said the person identified as Chandler at one point, ostensibly speaking about their own father. “They were more focused on themselves, really, as opposed to focusing on her, which that’s my focus”. At this point in the call, the other person on the phone call repeatedly noted that they were discussing sexual actions with the 80-year-old mother, and the person identified as Chandler did not dispute this.

I’d like to clarify two things about Chris-Chan’s situation.

1. They are not under arrest.
2. They have not been charged a crime.
This may change, depending on Barb.

Minnesota attorney and YouTuber @RekietaMedia will discuss Chris’s legal situation tonight on his show.

— Kiwi Farms (@KiwiFarmsDotNet) July 30, 2021

Describing how the physically intimate relationship began, the person identified as Chandler said, “I was direct and up front with her for the most part” but added that 80-year-old Barbara Chandler, who is widely believed to be suffering from some form of dementia “was partially confused at one point, but then she came around obviously”.

“I did have dreams, I had dreams where I had sex with her obviously. That’s right, the Oedipus complex,” said the person identified as Chandler later in the call, before adding that the sex “was satisfactory, it took awhile, a few tries” and still later asserting that “It took us a few nights to figure out what feels right and what didn’t feel right” but then stressing that Barbara Chandler is “having a good time with it”.

Chandler also allegedly sent at least 22 text messages about having sexual intercourse with their mother. In them, Chandler allegedly graphically describes that they “made another attempt at rubbing her vagina” but noted that “it hurt her”.

Texts allegedly sent by Christine Chandler (Credit: Kiwi Farms)

After the viral post was made on Kiwi Farms, a YouTuber named Dillin Thomas claims that he contacted Chandler to ascertain if the report was true. “I told Chris I wouldn’t make this info public but it is eating away at me,” wrote Thomas. “I asked Chris if he f**ked his mom earlier and her [sic] said it was true.” In screen shots posted to Twitter by Thomas, Chandler appears to have written, “I will trust you with the simple answer” and asked Thomas not to post the response before adding, “Yes”.

I told Chris that I wouldn’t make this info public but it is eating away at me. I know that he will not trust me after this but I don’t care. I asked Chris if he fucked his mom earlier and her said it was true. pic.twitter.com/m7MsQYTvh5

— Dillin Thomas (DHT) (@DHTDillinThomas) July 30, 2021

On Kiwi Farms, the site’s administrator, Josh Moon, explains that the report is “considered genuine” and added that “Early this morning, Greene County Police visited the Chandler residence for a wellness check.” Moon added, “Just now, Chris was served an emergency protective order until August 5th. He is not allowed at” the family home, and “is also not allowed to contact his mother at all. Barbara is at the hospital for a senior care inspection.”

Moon initially noted that Chandler, who has repeatedly been the target of abuse from Internet trolls for over two decades, “has someplace to sleep.” However, in an update, Moon wrote that “Chris intended to stay with extended family. They rescinded the invitation.” Moon had previously attempted to raise a small amount of money so Chandler could attend an event, and explained that “It’s going to take 3 days for GoFundMe money to transfer, at the least” and added that Chandler cannot afford a hotel until the money is transferred.

It remains what, if any, charges Chandler may face if police believe these allegations to be credible. However, Virginia considers incest between a mother and son to be a Class 5 Felony, which could merit up to 12 months in jail and a fine of $2,500 if convicted as a misdemeanor, or one to 10 years in prison if convicted as a felony. It is also unclear if, as many believe, Barbara Chandler is suffering from dementia and thus it is unclear whether she would be able to consent to sexual intercourse. Christine Chandler is not believed to be facing any criminal or civil action at this time, and is merely not permitted to return to the family home or have contact with their mother until August 5.

Chandler’s popularity skyrocketed after anonymous image board users discovered Chandler in the early 2000s. Since then, a 24+ hour documentary series has charted Chandler’s life, including when Chandler announced a new identity as a transgender woman in the 2010s.


LOCK HER UP: Dishonest CDC Director Rochelle Walensky Lies – Refuses to Admit Illegals Bringing COVID to America are an Issue (VIDEO)

Rochelle Walensky is not a serious person.  She is just a clown and a shill.

Rochelle Walensky was awarded the job as CDC Director to carry the water for the Biden regime. Everything else takes a back seat.

On Friday Walensky openly lied to the American public about the tens of thousands of unvaccinated and untested illegals crossing the border each week and being shipped across the country.

Walensky does not see this as a problem.

Walensky is infecting the country.  She is supposed to be protecting the country.

When Walensky takes the border seriously, we’ll take the virus seriously.

Rochelle Walensky is an enemy of the people.

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Demon DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield Says She Will Not Have Evidence Ready Against US Reservist, Jan 6. Protester and Political Prisoner Timothy Hale-Cusanelli until 2022 at Earliest

DOJ Attorney Kathryn Fifield told Judge Trevor McFadden on Friday that she will not have evidence ready against political prisoner Timothy Hale-Cusanelli until 2022 at the earliest.

Hale-Cusanelli did not even commit a violent crime. He has no criminal record.
His charges relate to trespassing, obstruction, and disorderly conduct.

Julie Kelly wrote about Timothy Hale-Cusanelli at American Greatness.

Judge Trevor McFadden told the far left DOJ attorney, “You would not arrest [someone] then gather evidence later. That’s not how this works.”  McFadden then gave Fifield until

hale has been in prison since January.

In a bombshell hearing today, DOJ admitted it won’t have January 6 evidence ready until early 2022–and that’s a “conservative” estimate. Judge Trevor McFadden was not pleased. My report here: https://t.co/i2Epc0WJwN

— Julie Kelly (@julie_kelly2) July 30, 2021

Julie Kelly at American Greatness reported:

During a status hearing Friday afternoon for Timothy Hale-Cusanelli, an Army reservist arrested on January 15 for his involvement in the January 6 protest in Washington, D.C., an assistant U.S. attorney admitted the government will not meet its discovery obligations for all Capitol defendants until early 2022.

Kathyrn Fifield, the lead attorney representing the Justice Department, informed Judge Trevor McFadden that the “incalculable” volume of video collected by the government related to the Capitol breach investigation will prevent defendants and their lawyers from accessing the full body of evidence against them for several more months. “No system exists to wrap its arms around [all this evidence],” Fifield told McFadden. This includes at least 14,000 hours of surveillance video plus thousands of hours of body-worn camera footage from law enforcement.

Fifield resisted setting a 2021 trial date for Hale; McFadden and Jonathan Crisp, Hale’s court-appointed attorney, told the government last month that unless a plea arrangement was agreed upon, a trial would be set for later this year because Hale already has been incarcerated for more than six months. “If we do set a trial date, the government cannot meet discovery obligations until early 2022. That’s a conservative estimate,” Fifield said.

Despite arresting more than 550 people since January 6, the government still has no platform for posting, sharing, and transferring digital evidence. “Due to the extraordinary nature of the January 6, 2021 Capitol Attack, the government anticipates that a large volume of materials may contain information relevant to this prosecution,” Fifield wrote in a July 14 filing. “These materials may include, but are not limited to, surveillance video, statements of similarly situated defendants, forensic searches of electronic devices and social media accounts of similarly situated defendants, and citizen tips. The government is working to develop a system that will facilitate access to these materials.”

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EXCLUSIVE from Arizona Rep. Mark Finchem: The Post-Federalist America

Guest post by Rep. Mark Finchem

Post-Federalist America

Have you stopped to ask yourself why the military-industrial complex, the financial-industrial complex, the education-industrial complex, and in fact every major private sector power group has come to favor the Hamiltonian version of a national government over the Jeffersonian federalism version? It’s really a very simple answer, accumulation of power favors the powerful, never mind that whole consent of the governed thing. The framers of our nation saw first hand the disastrous effect that consolidation of power could do and the threat to individual liberty that it posed around the world; most wanted none of it.

But some clung onto the lust for power, which put them in direct conflict with those who believed that distributed power —states rights with discrete, enumerated national government powers for the common defense— was the secrete to protecting freedom while growing a new nation.

The seeds of post-federalism were sewn early in the history of our country. One of the earliest manifestations of what has today become the all-out power-grab by our out of control national government was, “[W]hen Hamilton introduced his bill to establish a national bank, Jefferson, speaking for those who believed in states’ rights, argued that the Constitution expressly enumerated all the powers belonging to the federal government and reserved all other powers to the states. Nowhere was the federal government empowered to set up a bank.”

We now face the genuine existential threat of power consolidation that runs counter to the consent of the governed, the very heart of federalism. When the political elites associated with the World Economic Forum —the party of Davos— and their captured media outlets attempt to gaslight Americans into believing that scrutiny of an election, which a majority of people view with distrust, arguing that audits such as that near completion in Maricopa County Arizona pose, “A threat to the overall confidence of democracy,” the People become even more suspicious.

Consider this, the Arizona House of Representatives employs the Arizona Auditor General to audit State Agencies regularly. Even the Federal Reserve conducts audits, “The Board of Governors, the Federal Reserve Banks, and the LLCs are all subject to several levels of audit and review. The Reserve Banks’ and LLCsfinancial statements are audited annually.” And these audits are a matter of routine to do what? To assure the People, to give them confidence, that the institutions they rely on are sound, fraud-free, transparent, and operating as designed.

How then can it be then that the auditing of ballots and elections, which are every bit as important as the audits of financial institutions, can be a threat to democracy? If anything, all parties should welcome the opportunity to prove democracy is free, fair, and transparent. Unless, of course, they are not so confident of their win, which gives even more reason to scrutinize the election just past.

The doublespeak about undermining confidence in the 2020 election, about undermining democracy itself, coming from a Congress that is about as trusted as the captured mocking bird media when it comes to the pursuit of truth, showing a 71% disapproval rating, and a 26% approval rating, is laughable. But the claim is deadly serious to our constitutional, democratically elected representative republic. If an election cannot survive an audit demanded by a majority of the polity, federalism is in serious jeopardy. The burden of proof is now on the government —counties, and States— to prove to the People that our elections are more than simulacra, an illusion that we all participate in, but which is decided even before ballots are mailed out in the vote by mail scheme. The State officials including Legislators and Secretaries of State, are responsible for providing oversight, not a federal government that lacks Constitutionally enumerated powers.

The recent threatening “guidance” released by what has come to be regarded and a politically weaponized Department of Justice (that sounds so Orwellian now, like the Ministry of Truth) is an intrusion into the unenumerated [emphasis added] powers of the States under the 10th Amendment. The 10th Amendment constrains the federal government with restrictions but is supremely liberal when it comes to the powers of the States.

“The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the states, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.”

Combined with restrictions on the federal government under Article I, Sec. 4, Article II, Sec. 1, and the noticeable absence of any prohibition by the States to audit their elections, or power possessed by the various State Legislatures to decertify elections, or even reclaim electors, it is clear that the national government is way outside of its lane when it comes to attempts to restrain the States from what the States should have been doing all along. The very title of the document attempts to impugn the “audit” as if it is not well planned and a legitimate function of the States in their obligation to provide oversight of elections.

So what are the Department of Justice and federal government bureaucracy really afraid of? The legal doctrine of ex doll malo act non orator – a right of action cannot arise out of fraud. Suppose the election is found to be a fraud affecting a large enough number of Electoral College Electors; everything that Joe Biden, and indeed the Congress has done since January 20, 2021, is unenforceable.

Now enters modern feudalism where nobody other than the oligarchs owns property, intellectual, real or personal. If the Department of Justice has its way and causes State Legislators to be awed into submission by its projection of power, abandoning the unenumerated powers reserved for them in the Constitution, then America has become a post-federalist society. Legislatures will have become irrelevant if they have not already become so.

When your values are clear, your decisions become easy.

The Hon. Mark Finchem is a Member of Arizona’s House of Representatives, 55th Legislature. He holds a BA in Government with Emphasis on State and Local Public Policy from Grand Canyon University, summa cum laude, is a Six Sigma certified process engineer, and will soon complete a Masters Degree in Legal Studies and Economics offered through the University of Arizona James E. Rogers Law School.

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DOJ sues the Lone Star State and Gov. Abbott, challenging executive order on migrant transportation

The Justice Department has targeted the state of Texas and its Republican governor with a law suit challenging a recently issued executive order that pertains to the transportation of migrants.

Gov. Greg Abbott issued an executive order Wednesday which declared in part: “No person, other than a federal, state, or local law-enforcement official, shall provide ground transportation to a group of migrants who have been detained by [U.S. Customs and Border Protection] for crossing the border illegally or who would have been subject to expulsion under the Title 42 order.”

The governor’s executive order instructs the Texas Department of Public Safety (DPS) to halt vehicles if there is reasonable suspicion of a breach of the policy, “and to reroute such a vehicle back to its point of origin or a port of entry if a violation is confirmed.” The order also declares that DPS has authorization to impound vehicles that transport migrants in breach of the policy as well as authorization to impound vehicles that decline to be rerouted.

In a Thursday letter to Abbott, Attorney General Merrick Garland decried the governor’s executive order as “both dangerous and unlawful,” and called for him to rescind it immediately. Garland warned that if Abbott did not rescind the order, the government would take every appropriate legal remedy to make certain that the Lone Star State “does not interfere with the functions of the federal government.”

In a Friday letter responding to the U.S. attorney general, Abbott wrote, “It is clear from the arguments in your letter that the State of Texas and the federal government face a constitutional crisis.”

The government’s lawsuit calls for the court to declare Abbott’s order invalid and to enjoin enforcement of the governor’s order.

“The executive order violates the Supremacy Clause and causes injury to the United States and to individuals whom the United States is charged to protect, jeopardizing the health and safety of noncitizen in federal custody, risking the safety of federal law enfromcent personnel and their families, and exacerbating the spread of COVID-19 in our communities. The executive order obstructs the Federal Government’s arrangements with nongovernmental partners and directly interferes with the administration of federal immigration law,” the suit claims.

The government also filed an emergency motion for a temporary restraining order or preliminary injunction blocking the enforcement of the governor’s executive order.

In a statement about the lawsuit, Abbott said: “The Biden Administration has created a constitutional crisis between the federal government and the State of Texas. This stems from the Biden Administration’s refusal to enforce immigration laws and allow illegal immigrants with COVID-19 to enter our country,” the governor said.

“Until President Biden and his Administration do their jobs to enforce the laws of our nation and protect Americans, the State of Texas will continue to step up to protect our communities and uphold the rule of law,” Abbott declared.


Bipartisan duo calls for Biden to create special position to tackle southern border issues


A bipartisan duo of lawmakers is calling for the creation of a position to tackle issues related to the nation’s southern border.

“To solve the growing problem, we request a special executive appointment for border issues to ensure sufficient federal resources are allocated to overburdened U.S. border communities, and to recommend changes to our immigration policies as we work to regain control of the border,” Republican Sen. Lindsey Graham of South Carolina and Democratic Rep. Henry Cuellar of Texas wrote in a letter to President Joe Biden and Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas.

Graham-Cuellar Letter https://t.co/J8IyrdEhi5

— Lindsey Graham (@LindseyGrahamSC)

The two legislators pointed to an influx of migrants. According to U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP), southwest land border encounters in June numbered 188,829. The total number so far for fiscal year 2021, which began in October, is more than 1.1 million through June, according to CBP.

“The total number of migrants apprehended at the southern border has exceeded 1.2 million this fiscal year,” the lawmakers said in the letter. “In short, this is a humanitarian and public safety emergency.”

Graham and Cuellar cited coronavirus concerns: “As the U.S. endeavors to fully suppress the COVID-19 pandemic and navigate the challenges associated with the spread of the Delta variant, Americans living near the southern border are now vulnerable to additional public health risks. In Texas’ Rio Grande Valley, where CBP had over 20,000 enforcement encounters last week, Border Patrol agents are testing positive for COVID-19 at alarming rates,” they wrote.

“The situation on the border will worsen unless we enact policies that will end the surge and fix our broken immigration system,” the lawmakers said. They asked for the immediate creation of “a special executive position vested with the authority to implement federal policies which prioritize the health and safety of U.S. communities at the southern border.”

Graham and Cuellar suggested former DHS Secretary Jeh Johnson as someone who would be well equipped to fill the role.

USA Today reported that when asked if he would be interested in the role or if he has spoken to the legislators or the Biden administration about it, Johnson said that he had no comment.

Graham, Cuellar Hold Press Conference on COVID-19 and the Border Crisis


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