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Trump Called Out Jared Kushner For Being ‘More Loyal To Israel Than The United States’ – REPORT

According to a new book released by the Watergate reporters, former president Donald Trump pointed out that his son-in-law and former top advisor Jared Kushner acted in a way that led Trump to believe that Kushner was “more loyal to Israel than the United States.”

“You know, Jared’s more loyal to Israel than to the United States,” Trump reportedly joked according to the new book, “Peril.” The already-strained relationship between Trump and Kushner deteriorated rapidly following the 2020 presidential election.

National File reported in July of 2020 on reports of sources inside the White House stating that Trump wants “no more of Jared’s woke sh*t,” after several weeks of abysmal polling for the administration that indicated an uphill battle in the 2020 election, and no net increase in black voters. Trump reportedly realized that going along with Kushner’s “police reform” and “criminal justice reform” initiatives had hurt him politically.

Additionally, in June 2021 another book quoted Trump as saying “I’ve done all this stuff for the blacks – it’s always Jared telling me to do this. And they all f**king hate me, and none of them are going to vote for me.” Kushner’s push to appease violent Black Lives Matter rioters in the wake of the George Floyd death in Minnesota, coupled with his bungling of Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign, reportedly led Trump to avoid Kushner and complain about him in private during the summer of 2020.

Kushner also reportedly played a key role in keeping Trump from joining the free speech social media platform Gab, because the website did not meet the son-in-law’s demands to censor speech critical of Israel:

Gab CEO and founder Andrew Torba explained that President Trump is being blocked from joining the vibrant platform by his advisors. [President Trump] is and always has been a mirror archive of POTUS’ tweets and statements that we’ve run for years,” wrote Torba. “We’ve always been transparent about this and would obviously let people know if the President starts using it.”

Elaborating on why President Trump is not using Gab, Torba added, “The only reason he’s not using it right now to contact his base is because dopey advisers like Jared Kushner, who lost him the election, are blocking him from using it.”


ARIZONA: 2020 Election Audit Results To Be Released On September 24, Open To Public With Livestream Available

The 2020 election Arizona audit results will be released next Friday, September 24, says Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers, GOP Chair Kelli Ward, and other Arizona Republicans.

The 2020 election audit results, spearheaded by the Arizona Senate, will be released next Friday, September 24, according to Arizona Senator Wendy Rogers in a tweet on Thursday. “The date to release the audit results is next Friday Sept 24th at 1 pm on the Senate floor. Because we have no hearing rooms it will be presented to Chairman Petersen and Senate President Fann. Gallery will be open to public,” wrote Senator Rogers. Ward added that a live stream will be posted online.

The date to release the audit results is next Friday Sept 24th at 1 pm on the Senate floor.  Because we have no hearing rooms it will be presented to Chairman Petersen and Senate President Fann. Gallery will be open to public.

— Wendy Rogers (@WendyRogersAZ) September 16, 2021

#AmericasAudit pic.twitter.com/MvQJtWXmce

— Dr. Kelli Ward (@kelliwardaz) September 16, 2021

The audit is expected to show mass voter fraud to put the results of the 2020 election into question, prompting many to call for the state’s election to be decertified. The results were initially set to be released sooner, but the process was delayed after two members of the Cyber Ninjas, including Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, caught the coronavirus.

Following months of speculation, the draft report from the forensic audit of Arizona’s Maricopa County election results was expected to be released on Monday. However, in a statement from Senate President Karen Fann, the Arizona Senate Republicans confirmed that only a “portion of the draft report” was received by the Senate, due to Cyber Ninjas CEO Doug Logan, and two other members of the audit team, becoming “quite sick” after testing positive for COVID.

Trump supporters across America have been eagerly awaiting the news of the audit. At President Trump’s Alabama rally, thousands of people joined Representative Mo Brooks in a chant of “FIX IT NOW,” referring to the alleged fraud that many of the supporters took place in the 2020 election.

PHILADELPHIA: Soccer Game Sparks Murder Outside Pat’s Cheesesteaks, Police Say

Pat’s King of Steaks in South Philadelphia, a popular tourist attraction, was the scene of yet another homicide on Wednesday night. A massive brawl broke out in which at least 10 men dressed in yellow Club América jerseys beat a man to death with a trashcan lid. Officials believe believe the Philadelphia Union’s soccer game against Club América on Wednesday night may have played a role.

Philadelphia Police Chief Inspector Scott Small told reporters that a 28-year-old man was beaten to death with a metal trash can lid and pummeled in the face with kicks and punches. “We did find a trail of blood that stretched about 75-100 feet around the steak shop to where the victim finally collapsed and was pronounced dead,” Small said. The victim’s 64-year-old father and another man were also beaten and were taken to Jefferson Hospital.

Philadelphia Police said a large fight involving 10-15 people broke out outside Pat’s King of Steaksjust after 2 a.m. The attackers fled in a lightly colored SUV and have yet to be identified. Police said the victims went to Pat’s after attending the Philadelphia Union’s 2-0 loss to Club América at Subaru Park in nearby Chester, PA. Investigators have yet to determine the cause of the fight but suspect sports rivalries may have factored in. Club América is based in Mexico City, Mexico.

The homicide marks the second killing in just under three months at the iconic cheesesteak shop. Pat’s King of Steaks is located directly across the street from rival Geno’s. Both restaurants are incredibly popular with tourists and attract millions of customers every year.

In July, a man was shot and killed outside Pat’s following an argument over a parking space. 36-year-old Paul C. Burkert was charged with fatally shooting 22-year-old David Padro in the back outside of the popular Philadelphia cheesesteak location. The shooter’s girlfriend was also arrested on homicide charges after helping him flee in a van.

Philadelphia has experienced a massive crime wave that has led to the worst homicide rate among America’s biggest cities. Among the country’s ten largest cities, Philadelphia now has the highest per-capita murder rate. Murder is up 17% from this time last year and roughly 33% since 2019, which at the time was the city’s deadliest year since 2007. Philadelphia’s crime wave began before a nationwide crime wave started in 2020 where violent crime rates spiked in most American cities. Critics have blamed the lax policies of Soros-linked DA Larry Krasner, who was challenged by another Democrat in the primary as a result of the crime wave. The city could potentially surpass 500 murders in 2021, surpassing a record that was set in 1990.


American Airlines Claims They Didn’t Know 2-Year-Old Kicked Off Plane Had Asthma Attack Despite Mom Administering Inhaler

In a second statement, American Airlines now claim that they didn’t realise that a two-year-old boy removed from a flight was having an asthma attack, despite his mother administering treatment on the plane.

As National File reported, Amanda Pendarvis, her two-year-old son Waylon, and her mother, were kicked off AA Flight 1284 on Monday, because Waylon, who has asthma, was having an attack and could not maintain the mask on his face properly as a result. Pendarvis described it on Instagram as the “most humiliating/traumatizing experience,” because of the actions of the flight attendant, who she named as Carl and described as “truly evil [and] power tripping.”

In a Facebook post, Pendarvis described how after allowing her son to walk around the aisle before the airplane began taxiing as they were stuck on the tarmac for 40 minutes, “Carl” instructed her to keep Waylon in his seat, and then to enforce him wearing a mask, dsepite the fact he had never worn one before, with the end result being that the panic caused an asthma attack:

He was tired and fidgety and I couldn’t get him to keep the mask on. It escalated to the point he was covered in sweat, hysterical, and kept screaming “nooo, mama, NO!!!!!” and he ripped a total of 3 different masks off of his face. At this point I’m literally just holding a broken mask over his face because I literally don’t know what else to do. He now is having difficulty breathing.

Carl keeps relaying everything to the pilot, and the pilot gets on the intercom for the first time… Waylon had his first asthma attack 2 months ago ( but we have had a breathing machine in our home for him since he was around 5 mounts since his breathing has always been a concern when he gets sick) which landed us in Children’s hospital and he has been on a daily preventive inhaler as well as prescribed an emergency inhaler (which I take with me/him everywhere) since.

The hysteria he had gotten himself to a point that warranted us using his emergency inhaler. It was AT THE POINT WE WERE GIVING MY CHILD A BREATHING TREATMENT that they get on the intercom and “okay, we are dealing with a non-compliant passenger and will be updating the plane shortly” (second time we get shamed on the intercom. Fantastic) It is at this point, we are officially asked to grab our bags and are escorted off the plane.

A mother has alleged that an American Airlines flight attendant kicked her and her son off of a flight because the two-year-old could not wear a mask properly during an asthma attack.

Story upcoming at @NationalFile pic.twitter.com/4OajeHrMAz

— Jack Hadfield (@JackHadders) September 14, 2021

In a statement to National File, American Airlines confirmed that the flight returned to the gate to deplane the family. “Initial reports indicate the party refused to comply with crew member instructions to remain seated and wear a face mask securely over their nose and mouth,” the statement continued. “After agreeing to adhere to federal face covering requirements, all individuals were rebooked for travel on the next flight to Colorado Springs (COS),” it concluded.

The statement failed to mention any reports regarding the asthma attack, but did include American Airlines’s policy regarding the wearing of face masks, which notes that they require “all individuals two and older to wear a face covering at all times while indoors at the airport and on board.” The policy requires that anyone who needs a medical exemption must apply for one at least 72 hours before departure.

However, following publication of the second article, the story garnered even more attention, and American Airlines were forced to release a second statement. “After observing a minor in the party laying in the aisle and moving between seats on taxi out, our flight crew made multiple attempts to reinforce safety requirements,” the statement said. “While addressing the party, our crew also reminded the individuals in the party that federal directives require customers to wear a face covering at all times while on board unless actively eating or drinking.”

The American Airlines spokesman said that “at no time was it made known to our crew members that a member of the party was experiencing an asthma attack or trouble breathing,” and that “individuals were not addressed for failure to comply with face covering requirements at any point while administering treatment.” However, it is logically impossible for American Airlines to have simultaneously known that treatment was being administered and not have known that Waylon was having an asthma attack.

While asthma does not usually qualify for a permanent mask exemption under CDC guidelines, by kicking Waylon and his family off for not wearing a mask, American Airlines would have violated TSA Security Directive SD 1582/84-21-01B, which on page 3, footnote 7, clearly states that “persons who are experiencing difficulty breathing or shortness of breath or are feeling winded may remove the mask temporarily until able to resume normal breathing with the mask.”


BREAKING: House Republicans Request AR 15-6 Investigation Into Gen. Mark Milley Over Secret CCP Calls

Amid growing accusations of “treason,” House Republicans are demanding that Gen. Mark Milley be investigated over his secret calls with the Chinese Communist General Li Zuocheng, in which the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman reportedly offered aid and comfort to America’s greatest geopolitical adversary.

House Republicans have issued a letter, originally obtained by The Daily Caller, to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin demanding that Gen. Mark Milley be subject to a formal AR 15-6 investigation over reports that he “blatantly disregarded the concept of civilian control of the military, and gave aid and comfort to America’s principal adversary, the Chinese Communist Party.” (READ MORE: COUP: Milley Held Secret Meeting And Told Military To Ignore Trump, Quietly Coordinated With Chinese General After 1/6 – Woodward)

“GEN Milley allegedly took great pains to assure his Chinese counterpart, General Li Zuocheng, that U.S. military exercises in the South China Sea would not precipitate armed conflict. Allegedly, on a phone call with General Li on 30 October 2020, GEN Milley deliberately undermined the sovereign interests of our Nation,” the letter reads.

The letter detailed reports that Milley had called the Communist Chinese general again on January 8, 2021 to discuss “concerns of an armed conflict,” then reportedly called the Indo-Pacific Commander, instructing him to “call off all military exercises in the South China Sea, following up by assembling senior officers and mandating that any order to launch a nuclear weapon must include GEN Milley’s involvement.” (RAND PAUL: Gen. Milley Should Be ‘Court Martialed’ If Secret Call To Chinese General Is Real)

“He allegedly then asked all officers present to affirm their understanding of his order – hence establishing a parallel chain of command – with respect to the nuclear launch codes,” the letter continues. “To conspire with a communist, malfeasant, hostile, and genocidal government regarding our intentions – or lack thereof – with utter disregard to the implications of said ‘promise’ on our national security or our Service Members, is nothing short of craven (at best) and treasonous.”

The House Republicans slammed mainstream media reports painting Milley as a hero, noting that if Woodward’s claims are true it would be “nothing less than outright treason,” emphasis added by National File. (BOMBSHELL: Milley ADMITS To Secretly Calling CCP General, Promising Advanced Notice Of Attack Amid Accusations Of ‘Treason’)

The letter continues, detailing reports about Milley’s alleged Janaury 8 secret phone call with Democrat House Speaker Nancy Pelosi regarding “secure” nuclear launch codes, noting that “the General’s previous behavior on this subject indicates that the House of Representatives must learn more about the conversation(s) between GEN Milley and Speaker Pelosi, to determine whether the General attempted to make a partisan issue of National security.”

“Given that these anecdotes have not been independently corroborated, to determine their veracity we request the immediate launch of a formal AR 15-6 Investigation,” the House Republicans wrote. “Specifically, we request that you investigate whether the phone calls between GEN Milley and General Li occured, as well as the phone calls between GEN Milley and Speaker Pelosi, and the content thereof in both.”

The response to the letter and the investigation results must be given to the House Republicans “no later than the close of business 6 October 2021.” They added, “in the interim, General Milley’s security clearance must be suspended pending the outcome of this investigation.”

The letter was signed by House Republicans Scott Perry, Clay Higgins, Lauren Boebert, Michael Cloud, H. Morgan Griffith, Tom Tiffany, Scott Desjarlais, Andrew S. Clyde, Bill Posey, Jeff Duncan, Ralph Norman, Marjorie Taylor Greene, Matt Gaetz, Ted Budd, Matt Rosendale, Dan Bishop, Randy K. Weber, Louie Gohmert, Andy Harris, Warren Davidson, Bob Good, Chip Roy, Barry Moore, Jody Hice, Ben Cline, Andy Biggs, and Mo Brooks.


Former Trump Administration Secretary of Defense Christopher Miller has come out and said that he “did not and would not ever authorize” General Mark Milley’s calls with the CCP. However, it has been reported he and Defense Secretary Mark Esper had “full knowledge” of the secret calls, including “about 15” other people. Esper was reportedly significantly involved in the secret CCP calls alongside Milley. “Milley was absolutely not going rogue. Esper took the initiative on this in October. Esper asked his own policy folks to backchannel the message. Milley’s message followed Esper’s,” said Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin after speaking to a senior defense official who confirmed the allegation.


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Nicki Minaj says she’s being censored by Twitter for questioning COVID vaccines. How did we get here?

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Milley Confirms He Made The Calls To China, Media Says Treason Is Totally Epic

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‘Why Don’t We Break Up?’: Comedian Sarah Silverman Says America Should ‘Divide Up Into Like Two Or Three Countries’

While noting the division and disagreements that plague the United States in the 21st century in a recent episode of her podcast, liberal comedian Sarah Silverman suggested the country “break up” into “two or three countries” as a result of irreconcilable differences regarding politics and vaccines in a statement some say reflects those made by Pat Buchanan in his 2011 book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?”

In an excerpt of the podcast posted to Twitter, Silverman said, “I mean, this may be a negative thought, or a positive one I don’t know, but if people aren’t getting along, like in a relationship, they break up. You know? So why don’t we just, finally just realize that this, these states aren’t working, and like divide up into like two or three countries?”

She added, “Like USA 1 and USA 2? And they can be USA 1, like the conservatives can be USA 1 because they love being number one and it means something to them, and I’d love to have that be theirs, they can be USA 1, we’ll be USA 2, and we’ll be allies.”

Noting that vaccine requirements would likely be a defining issue between the two countries, with hypothetical USA 2 requiring a seemingly endless series of COVID-19 booster shots, she then added, “And you’ll come over here, and we’ll go over there, and you know when you come to certain, many times when you to a different country you have to get a vaccine. That’s that.”

Maybe we should break up. pic.twitter.com/AbxLes3XjL

— Sarah Silverman (@SarahKSilverman) September 13, 2021

Author Ryan Girdusky noted, “Pat Buchanan was fired for writing ‘Will America Survive Till 2025’ just a few years ago… now breaking up the US is being openly floated and will probably become an increasingly common opinion in the future.”

Girdusky refers to paleoconservative icon and former presidential candidate Pat Buchanan’s 2011 book, “Suicide of a Superpower: Will America Survive to 2025?” The book, released in 2011, apparently led to Buchanan being fired as a paid commentator for MSNBC, before the cable network veered extremely far to the left, as Brian Stelter, now a show host for CNN but then a writer for the New York Times noted in 2012 with an article titled “With Book, Buchanan Set His Fate”.

Pat Buchanan was fired for writing “Will America Survive Till 2025” just a few years ago… now breaking up the US is being openly floated and will probably become an increasingly common opinion in the future. https://t.co/lKFC6B7vZH

— Ryan James Girdusky (@RyanGirdusky) September 16, 2021

In his article, Stelter wrote that Buchanan’s “friends who worked with him at MSNBC” said the book “would provoke controversy and threaten his professional well-being.” After the book launched, he was no longer asked to appear on the cable network, and on February 16, 2012, the network said, “We’ve parted ways with Pat Buchanan. We wish him well.”

The description for Buchanan’s book declares that “America is disintegrating” and “In its place will arise a country unrecognizable to our parents.” He says this disintegration was caused by “America’s loss of her cradle faith, Christianity; the moral, social, and cultural collapse that have followed from that loss; and the slow death of the people who created and ruled the nation. And as our nation disintegrates, our government is failing in its fundamental duties, unable to defend our borders, balance our budgets, or win our wars.”


Italy Becomes First Country To Pass Mandatory Vaccine Passport Bill For All Workers

Italy will implement its mandatory vaccine passport (“Green Pass”) for all workers next month, becoming the first country in the European Union to make this demand, per Reuters.

All workers will be required to have the Green Pass in Italy next month. The Green Pass is Italy’s domestic digital or paper COVID-19 certificate that will indicate if a person has received at least one vaccination, tested negative within the last 48 hours, or has recently recovered from the virus.

The pass will be an extension of the European Union’s COVID-19 Digital Certificate, which was implemented July 1. Tourists that intend to visit Italy will also be required to obtain a Green Pass. (READ MORE: Massive Protest Forms In Italy As Government Creates Vaccine Passports, Restricts Movement For Unvaxxed)

JUST IN – Italy to make its vaccine passport (“Green Pass”) mandatory for all workers from next month, becoming the first EU country to do (Reuters)

— Disclose.tv (@disclosetv) September 15, 2021

BREAKING: Italy looking to make covid passports MANDATORY for all workers.

People who turn up to work without a “green pass” risk being suspended from their job without pay.

This is draconian.

— PeterSweden (@PeterSweden7) September 15, 2021

The Italian Chamber of Deputies, the lower house of the bicameral Parliament of Italy, protested the Green Pass in July when it was discussed on the chamber floors. One member of parliament was chased through the chamber by security as he held the sign above his head, before he was pursued out of the chamber.

“We are heading towards a mandatory Green Pass not only for public sector workers but also private sector ones,” Regional Affairs Minister Mariastella Gelmini told RAI radio. “The vaccine is the only weapon we have against COVID and we can only contain infection by vaccinating a great majority of the population.” (READ MORE: Protesters Storm French Mall While Refusing To Show Vaccine Passports, SWAT Police Try To Stop Them And Fail)

National File previously reported Italy’s massive protest, as unvaccinated Italian citizens were placed on severe movement restrictions, barring entrance into stadiums, museums, theaters, cinemas, exhibition centers, swimming pools, and gyms unless they can provide government-approved paperwork allowing their entry.


Planned Parenthood Rolls Out Abortion by Mail in DC Metro Area, ‘Telemedicine’ Appointments Already Booked Solid

Planned Parenthood is rolling out an abortion by mail program in the Washington, D.C. metro area, allowing women to consult with abortionists via telemedicine and receive abortion drugs through the mail, so that they can kill their unborn child without ever leaving the comfort of home. The new program is the second of its kind of the United States, with Planned Parenthood already offering abortion by mail services in the St. Louis area.

The abortion by mail rollout comes in light of a Biden administration change to FDA rules allowing for abortion inducing drugs to be delivered by mail, contrary to a January Supreme Court ruling which required in-person pickup to obtain the lethal drugs. According to the FDA, Planned Parenthood, and other abortion advocates, the abortion by mail program will help protect women – or “people seeking abortions” – from the perils of COVID-19 as they will no longer have to travel to a doctor’s office to receive the medication.

Abortion advocates also point to the so-called convenience of the program, with some even stating that it will assist women may have trouble finding childcare for their already-born children as they go to abort their baby. The mail delivery abortion service will be available in Maryland, D.C., and Northern Virginia via Planned Parenthood’s Washington Metropolitan outfit.

According to a report from The Washington Post, women will qualify for Planned Parenthood’s abortion by mail program until the 8th week of pregnancy. The consultation and drugs cost $525, though financial assistance is available. The report also states that since it’s recent rollout, telemedicine abortion appointments have been completely booked.

Planned Parenthood’s abortion by mail rollout comes as several states have moved to ban the service, with pro-life advocates pointing to the ease with which a child’s life can be snuffed out as well as raising concerns regarding the mail transport of lethal medications.

Concerns surrounding sex trafficking have also played a roll in opposition to abortion by mail, even by abortion advocates, with many warning that women living at the hands of abusive pimps and human traffickers could be forced into aborting their child with virtually no chance to cry for help.

Several state legislatures have taken on the abortion industry’s new pet project, with 19 of them banning by-mail abortion services outright as members of other state legislatures push for similar laws in their respective jurisdictions.


Penn State University Professor Calls for Unmasked Students to be Suspended

The Pennsylvania State University professor, Zack Furness, declared that students protesting the university’s mask mandate should be suspended for the semester.

Following an article from The Daily Collegian, Penn State’s independently published student newspaper, Associate Professor of Communications Zack Furness tweeted that unmasked students are putting him and his colleagues at risk.

The university professor went on to say that unmasked students “should be kicked out of school this semester.” (READ MORE: Penn State Prof Placed On Leave, Criminally Charged With Attacking Anti-Vaccine Mandate Student)

These idiots are putting my colleagues and students at risk and should be kicked out of school this semester.

— Zack Furness (@punkademic) September 1, 2021

On Tuesday, students protested Penn State’s mask mandate policy that was held in response to the faculty and student rally for a vaccine mandate. A Penn State student had been brutalized by members of the protest, covered by National File. The student left the protest with a bloody nose and checked into a hospital with a potential concussion. Ultimately, the student was released from the hospital without any major injuries beyond some bruising and a bloody nose.

Regardless of vaccination status, all Penn State students, faculty, staff and visitors are required to wear masks indoors on all university campuses. All indoor campuses activities have continued as usual with indoor masking. (READ MORE: College Student Protesting Vaccine Mandate Attacked On Penn State Campus By Pro-Vax Demonstrators)

“Penn State is taking this proactive measure to protect the health and safety of our campuses and help mitigate the spread of this virus within our community,” said Penn State President Eric J. Barron. “As we continue to see daily increases in COVID-19 cases, particularly the Delta variant, our current outlook warrants this protective step. I continue to look forward to a return to robust, in-person experiences, and hope this is a reassuring adjustment for students, faculty and staff. To have a successful semester, it’s going to take all of us doing our parts to support the well-being of our entire community.”

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