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Photo: FLEX High School a few hours after the lockdown

By Shelby Ferguson

Police responded to a shots fired call when 1 shot was heard behind FLEX High School in Flint, Michigan shortly after 10 a.m. Wednesday morning on April 17th, 2019. The Deputy Chief of Police of the City of Flint Police Department Devon Bernritter said they have several people in custody but are still looking for one person. He also said that several agencies responded with fast and strong support on the scene.

“There was an altercation of some sort, not related to the school, amongst a group and a handgun was produced and a shot was fired.” Bernritter said. He also added that the shot was fired outside at someone but there were no injuries. Several people are in custody, no weapon has been recovered and it is not considered an active shooter situation according to Bernritter.

I spoke to different people around the scene who confirmed Bernritter’s statement that only 1 shot was fired and they added that the altercation took place specifically behind the school. None of them wanted to give their name.

FLEX High School, according to their website here is, ” a growing network of public charter schools offering a free high school diploma program. Our mission is to provide a personalized learning plan and one-on-one attention in a safe environment so students can focus on learning at a pace that fits their schedule. No two students are alike, and we don’t educate them that way either.”

This article will be updated as more becomes available.