There was a Black Lives Matter rally in New Orleans last night and this video (at bottom) is the 20 minutes of speeches that came at it’s conclusion. At the end, around 6 minutes and 20 seconds or so they call for the removal of Andrew Jackson’s statue in New Orleans and intend to take it down by force. Throughout the rally speeches feverish calls for uprising and for “taking the billionaires money and property and giving it back to the people”. They even go so far as to say they were part of a globally organized Army and that “this is what we have been plotting for, strategizing (sic) for,building for, studying for, investigating and researching and organizing for for years.”

I am not a political strategist…but I feel like he just gift wrapped justification for the insurrection act to the Trump administration.

In 2017 New Orleans joined several other American cities in removing “offensive” confederate statues from public areas. 

A demonstration was planned at that time by the grassroots non-profit Take Em Down NOLA to go to the Andrew Jackson statue to demand its removal. The statue is one of four identical statues made by the sculptor Clark Mills in Lafayette Square, Washington, D.C., in Nashville on the grounds of the Tennessee State Capitol and in Jacksonville, Florida as well as New Orleans. The protest was allowed, but the statue and the grounds of Jackson Square were heavily protected by local New Orleans police.

I wonder if the New Orleans police will be as intrepid as they were in 2017 when they defended  Jackson Square from the Take Em Down NOLA protesters?

Previous to this rally, it was already being reported by Lt. Governor Billy Nungesser that there is reporting of plans to “burn down the French Quarter” section of New Orleans.


The French Quarter is the oldest part of the city of New Orleans, and setting fire to it would likely result in a powder keg that would make the three day Chicago fires of 1871 look like a campfire.

–More as the story develops.