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Posted: Nov 09, 2021 1:00 PM

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Over the last few weeks, freedom-loving Americans have watched with concern bordering on horror as Joe Biden and his radical administration have used the specter of COVID-19 to impose vaccine mandates on people across the country. We have seen these mandates spread from federal agencies to state and local governments and private businesses, violating the autonomy of citizens to make health decisions with their medical providers. There are numerous problems with this mad dash for universal vaccination (including mounting questions by a growing number of Americans about the efficacy and health risks of these shots), but one of the most significant is the negative impact this mandate madness is guaranteed to have on both national security and public safety.For starters, the U.S. Armed Forces could see reductions in troop strength and readiness, which would obviously impact our nation’s ability to respond militarily around the world if needed. While the military has long had the flexibility to require active-duty and reserve personnel to receive potentially risky medical treatments (including some that are unavailable to the general public), the federal government has traditionally taken a more targeted approach to requiring such treatments and has avoided the heavy-handed and politicized approach we now see. The Biden administration must be aware that such demands – with short-term deadlines and threats of punishment for our all-volunteer force – will reduce military capacity, decrease trust between military leadership and enlisted personnel, and drive down recruitment. In a world on fire, this seems unwise.The national security dimensions of vaccine tyranny, however, reach far beyond our military. The Biden administration is now on the verge of f …

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