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I’m fairly certain that Joe Biden doesn’t understand inflation.He’s now finally acknowledging that inflation is a problem, after his people for months claimed it would be “transitory,” but as even MSNBC’s Chuck Todd notes, it’s six months later, it’s no longer “transitory.”

MSNBC’s Chuck Todd to NEC Director Brian Deese: “Is it fair to say [inflation] is no longer transitory?”
— RNC Research (@RNCResearch) November 14, 2021

Joe Biden’s National Economic Council Director Brian Deese is the guy who said if you just didn’t consider how much meat cost, then other things were pretty much within norms.
The Biden team didn’t even understand it six months ago. They just wanted to pull the covers up over their heads and hope it would go away. As I previously noted it’s the Bystander Biden administration, the bad things are just happening around them, not their fault.
The Bystander Administration gave more evidence that they still don’t understand it now. Because Joe Biden’s answer as to how he’s solving it defies all reality. He previously acknowledged that his stimulus checks were part of the reason for the spike in inflation. So what does he argue now will solve inflation? More spending with his Build …

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