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Democrats will face a “devastatingly bad” midterm election cycle if President Biden doesn’t shift away from his party’s left-wing flank and its demands, a top adviser to Bill Clinton told Fox News in an interview.

“The Biden administration has been seen as too far to the left, and the Democratic Party has been seen as too far to the left,” Mark Penn said.

“I think unless the Democrats change course here and move more towards the center, these trends indicate a devastatingly bad midterm election for Democrats,” Penn continued.

Following Glenn Youngkin’s victory in Virginia and Jack Ciattrelli’s stronger-than-expected showing in the New Jersey gubernatorial contest, progressives and moderates in the Democratic Party immediately started pointing fingers at each other over who was to blame for the outcomes.

Progressive strategists and activists began firing shots at moderates shortly after Youngkin’s victory and said they would stay the course on pushing left-wing policies leading up to the 2022 elections.