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By: Shelby Ferguson

Where to start from the Bernie Sanders Rally in Warren, Michigan on April 13th, 2019? In the interest of fairness, I’ll start with the good stuff. First, there were no bad incidents. Police and security were visible and aware the whole time, my respect to the entire staff that worked. There was even a guy in a MAGA hat who stood and listened respectfully the entire time. He was definitely watched, but he wasn’t harassed that I could see. The volunteers and staff for Bernie were polite and professional the entire time, as was everyone else in the press pool. As far as what Bernie himself said, I did find myself in agreement with one point:

Bernie Sanders says only citizens should vote

He also took a well deserved shot at the DNC and their super delegates. That’s the good I can take away from the experience.

Now let’s look at the crowd size, unbiased, just on a logical comparison. This is the crowd at 5:02pm, 2 minutes after the listed start time for the rally.

Full Crowd Shot At Start Of Rally

This is the crowd right around 6:30pm, when Bernie Sanders was speaking. It shows the edges of the crowd, the middle is still pretty full. Lots of standing room is visible and lots of empty seats on the right.

Crowd Perimeters around 6:30pm

Compare either of those to any video you want from the President Trump Rally in Grand Rapids, only about 2 hours away, just a couple weeks ago at the end of March. The overflow crowd from President Trump’s rally was significantly larger than the main crowd for Bernie Sanders. Same state, same general area, and Bernie had his rally in the middle of a college campus, which should fill it right up with one of his main target demographics. It didn’t fill up.

Now for the bad stuff. Let’s start with the energy, or more precisely, the lack of. Bernie got 3 solid cheers that were loud enough to be called “loud”, once when he entered, once when he left and once when he was talking. The rest of the applause were so lackluster and scattered that it really was sad. “Night and Day” isn’t a fair comparison to the volume of cheers I heard at President Trump’s Rally versus what I heard at Bernie Sanders Rally.

His guest speakers couldn’t do much to fire up the crowd and one couldn’t even get a solid cheer when he quoted the Declaration of Independence. You can see a brief overview of that and some of what they said here:

Recap of Bernie’s Guest Speakers

Several people in attendance started leaving early as well. Some have said the large group I showed leaving were all students, and in fairness that may be, but several others left as well. There seemed to just be a general lack of interest among the crowd and the energy and excitement I could feel at President Trump’s Rally was not present.

Bernie also decided twice while writing his speech to not mention the transgender community. Whether this was considered while writing and decided against, or a failure to consider while writing, either way it was a mistake and he should personally acknowledge this and apologize for it.

Bernie twice fails to include the transgender community.

He also mentioned he would overturn a Supreme Court decision (how you planning to do that, Bernie?) and said there would be no more ways to achieve “massive wealth” under his administration. He still used the term “millionaires” although maybe this will be the last time he does so. All in all, I give it a 3 out of 10. They get the 2 instead of a 1 for acting respectfully the entire time and another point for saying only citizens should vote. That being said…

When is President Trump’s next Rally?