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Farewell to Qanon

Joe Biden just took the oath of office as the next president of the United States of America, officially and definitively debunking Qanon, a movement I was part of for over 2 years. I feel it is necessary to write this for a few reasons: 1: to give perspective from someone in the movement; 2: to address several issues in the way Qanon was handled by everyone; and 3: to own my mistakes publicly.

The best place to start is at the beginning and how I became part of Q and that was the early spring of 2018. I had heard a little about Q and 4chan from a friend but laughed it off when I heard the premise and didn’t give it much thought until he started telling me about North Korea predictions from Q that were starting to be correct. At that point, I finally gave him a somewhat serious listen. The evidence for the North Korea summit was compelling at the time and the narrative being pushed by the media was blatantly biased and wrong and it started to make a little sense. I knew that there was plenty of prior evidence of corruption throughout governments in all of history and things started to click as I learned more of these coincidences and connections that were being promoted by people in Qanon. One thing I want to make clear here: the VAST majority of people I encountered in Qanon were very good people who sincerely believed people in power were trafficking children and worse. Many felt they had no choice but to speak up, myself included, as more and more coincidences and connections were uncovered through all the sincere research of people in the movement. Connections between people in power and industry were uncovered that were previously not widely known publicly. Epstein and NXIVM were major themes of Qanon and their continued arrests and connections uncovered only strengthened our belief that we WERE right and Q WAS legitimate. Q is not a movement full of grifters, or racists, or white nationalists, or fascists’, or anything else that the media has claimed. It is very largely a group of people, mostly Christians but not all, who all love our country and have a deep respect for our freedoms and our constitution and the sacrifices Americans have made throughout our history to keep them. Demonizing this group is not the way forward. To be completely fair and objective, however, I do need to state that all those elements do exist within the movement, but they are a very, very small minority. I have found this to be true of any passionate political group, as they all have a fringe element of people that hold extreme and hateful views that are not acceptable. However, there is no larger percentage of these people in Qanon than any other group and that is an important point to make and understand.


Once the North Korea summit finished and Q was more correct on the event than the media was, I started to take Qanon very seriously. I made a twitter account for it, an email account, and I started to do something I had never done before: publicly promote a conspiracy theory. Now, again to be fair, I had dabbled in conspiracy theory research over the years, all the way back to Alex Jones sneaking into the grove, but I had never taken any of it public to my friends and family as a fact instead of a theory. Qanon changed all that as I truly believed that a military intelligence operation was taking place that was communicating with both the public and its enemies through an anonymous message board. I believed that people in power on both ends of the political spectrum throughout the world were working together in secret to deceive the public and attain nefarious goals. I saw each new coincidence and connection uncovered as further proof and each “miss” as a necessary misinformation element to keep the enemy guessing and off balance. I told myself I was staying objective to each new piece of information and I did make an effort to do so, but in hindsight it was hard to truly do so as the belief became more concrete. “Trust the plan” and “misinformation is necessary” became mantras against anyone who didn’t take our claims seriously, which was nearly everyone. We saw it as more evidence of the claims Q made and continued to do research, create YouTube videos, 4chan posts which then became 8chan posts, then 8kun. I was consciously checking major news elements against the Q posts and failed to see anything that credibly debunked Q. I was sincere throughout my Q experience, but I was sincerely wrong. I have never been more wrong about something for so long and so publicly and it has been hard coming to terms with that reality and seeing the deception for what it was, but I have and I am. All I can do is explain my experience honestly the best I can, own my errors and mistakes, and move on. I lost people in my life that I care about because of Q. It is fair to say my life will never be quite the same.

Now let’s cover another area of responsibility in Qanon, and arguably the hardest one: Donald J. Trump. My history with Trump is varied. I believed most of what was said of him initially and didn’t vote in 2016 as I was not a fan of her either. I heard everyone saying if he won it wasn’t a question of if, but when, and when he won I waited for World War 3, or mass deportations, or any of the other doomsday scenarios we were PROMISED would happen if the worst of the worst happened and Trump won. None of those happened and instead I saw unemployment going down, the stock market going up, and other markers that were generally used to measure presidents all generally performing well. After his first year and no real major disasters, I had to reevaluate my opinion of him and went back and checked many of the claims made against him. I found edited videos, parts cut out of context, and even outright lies that the media had pushed about Trump and decided he was more right in calling them “fake news” than they were in calling him “racist” and “dictator”. At that point I decided I was wrong about Trump and started to view his actions more objectively. This was the correct move given how the media treated him, but it also paved the way for Qanon. This is where Trump really failed all of the sincere people in the movement once Qanon started to get attention and traction. Instead of seeing it for what it was and calling it out, he ignored it and either unintentionally or intentionally kept dropping several clues & typos & hints that could be used by the Qanon community as evidence that they were right. He could have called out the movement as fake early on, while highlighting any elements of it that were real and needed addressing. That would have stopped Qanon in its infancy and brought many sincere citizens back to reality while still being supporters of Trump. By allowing it to fester, he allowed it to grow and the claims to grow and the confidence within the group to grow. Q latched onto this aspect by claiming early on that any member of the media could end this by asking Trump about Q, and they never did, until just right before the election of 2020. Trump did many good things for this country while he was president, but he failed us regarding Qanon.

That brings me to the next area of responsibility in Qanon: the media. Let me be clear and up front: I have never had any real love for the mainstream media, which is most easily defined as anyone owned by the “Big 6” or its affiliates. I knew both sides almost always put their spin on things and already had prime ground for “fake news” to grow, but the media really layered on the fertilizer and nutrients to make the garden bloom. Q came on the scene claiming they were pretty much all in on it and it wouldn’t be fair to say that those claims were baseless, given the history of manipulating data by both sides of the media spectrum. The media saw Q as a joke and largely treated it as such, but in doing so they forgot that their ONLY job was to be a credible news source for the public. Every time they said Qanon had “no evidence” and made “baseless claims”, the Q community saw it as validation. What should have happened after the rally in 2018 where the Q signs were everywhere, (if not before) was a full investigative report done by one of the major networks on the claims of Q and what Q DID get right and what the group was using as evidence to support their claims, approaching it as a true journalist instead of an opinionated talk show host, which is what most of them effectively became. By failing to ever do a credible approach to Q, or even “force the question” to Trump early on, they allowed Q to fester and grow and the community to become more confident in their beliefs. Their failure in this CANNOT be overstated as they are supposed to be the main reliable source of information for the public and they allowed either their opinions, or directions from superiors, or both to cause them to violate the code of ethics from the Society of Professional Journalists that they should ALL know by heart and keep at the forefront of all their work. They failed to publicly fully vet the claims made by Q, and the theories put forth with the evidence claimed by the community. Doing so would have largely stopped Q in its infancy.

That covers most of the main areas of responsibility, at least in my experience with Q. Other elected officials or General Flynn could have pressed Trump harder to denounce it or handled it differently, and ANY intelligence agency from ANY country could have debunked Q for us all at ANY point the last 3 years (seriously, why didn’t THAT happen??)  but at this point it is what it is and the very large, looming question is how does society move forward with the public and the Qanon community? I’ve already seen elected officials calling for deprogramming and even “camps” but that is a dangerous path that has clear history to reference which should alarm anyone seriously considering it. We have to recognize that there isn’t 70 million “bad” people on either side and go back to a peaceful coexistence.

To those in the Q community I can only say this: One has to recognize that even if still holding to many of the corruption claims made by Q, it is not the fault of your everyday person and attacking anyone who doesn’t listen isn’t going to lead to any peaceful path. Whether the corruption you believe in exists or not, Trump isn’t president anymore. There is no plan. There is no storm coming. The world is largely as it appears to be and denying that is going to lead to a very hard and stressful life.

To the rest of the public: please remember that the vast majority of people in Qanon are good hearted people who believed very bad things were happening and we were being lied to about it and only wanted to stop bad things from happening. The few outliers and con artists in Qanon who don’t fit that will have to lay in their own bed they made. We have to have compassion for more than just the people we agree with going forward.

A lot of bad things happened because of Qanon but again, to be fair, it wasn’t all bad. Q got me involved to the level that I started doing citizen journalism, putting out content for almost 2 years with several viral videos and having my content used by most of the major networks and in multiple countries. That was an experience I never would have had without Q and it was largely a very good experience. My first media event was the Trump rally in March 2018 and it was amazing. I had never seen anything like it and being able to capture it and report on it from a completely unique perspective was a feeling I will never forget. Being involved in Q also led to many positive steps in my personal life, which I will just leave at that, but every cloud has a silver lining and it wouldn’t be fair to say that there wasn’t one with Qanon.

And that is my insight into Q, from being outside it, to joining to, to denouncing it. It has changed my life: some good and some bad. I’m not going to spend years bitter about Joe Biden being president or about Trump not really having “the plan” or spending all day yelling “not my president!” to everyone. I believe in our republic and our democracy and we are under president Joe Biden for at least 4 years and I don’t want him to fail. I want our country to excel and succeed and we will all need him to perform well for that to happen and I sincerely hope he does that. This will be my final article, it has been an amazing 2 years and writing and covering events has been an experience that I enjoyed far more than I ever imagined I would. I am looking forward to putting this chapter of my life behind me and seeing what the future holds for myself and this beautiful country that I still love very much. Goodbye Qanon and God bless America.


BREAKING: Doctor Notified By State of Michigan He Is Being Monitored For Prescribing Hydroxychloroquine

Flushing – 4/18/2020 – In a shocking Facebook post on Friday, Jordan Warnsholz claimed that he was contacted immediately after writing a prescription by the State of Michigan to tell him that he was now being monitored for writing that prescription for Hydroxychloroquine.

His post, in its entirety:

“I am a medical provider, I own 2 Family Practice/urgent centers in Michigan. I want to share with you how Gov. Whitmer is destroying the healthcare sector at this time:

Whitmer, for 2 weeks, decided to decline Trumps offer of emergency federal funding to the state of Michigan, I was not able to apply for federal assistance for my businesses. When Whitmer was exposed for doing this by the Detroit Free Press she finally filed a declaration of emergency to gain access to those funds, 2 weeks after it was offered by the federal government. I was finally able to submit my application for these emergency funds for my business and was told by the federal loan officer “Sir, why didn’t you submit this application 2 weeks ago? There are now 300,000 applicants in front of you, and when the money is gone, it’s gone.” THANK YOU gov Whitmer for playing your political games and denying Michigan businesses access to emergency funding. You single-handedly bankrupted thousands of Michigan businesses due to that stunt. Whitmer is either completely incompetent, or she truly does not care about Michigan citizens.

Another point: when medical offices were told we can no longer see “non-emergency” visits in our offices….we were told we can instead do “telemed” visits over the phone. That’s great, except on the same day that order was passed, gov Whitmer decided to cut all telemed visit reimbursements by 50%!!! So she used this pandemic/emergency to ROB all healthcare facilities of revenue by 50%. Brilliant. This has also led to the bankruptcy and closure of hundreds of medical offices across the state. So again, gov Whitmer is either completely incompetent, or she truly does not care about Michigan.

Last example: I wrote a prescription for Hydroxychloroquine last week for a patient, and I got an IMMEDIATE call from the state telling me that I will now be monitored by the state for writing that script. Extremely threatening. Whitmer is a liar, she is incompetent, and her policies are literally killing people and destroying our state.”

That was the entire post, including capitalization. I confirmed it was posted under the profile named Jordan Warnsholz and that both Primary Health Services and Wellston Medical Center were in Michigan with him as a listed physician. I called the state to confirm this and did not get a response.

Do you have something you think the public needs to know? Contact me at [email protected] or @QuirkyFollowsQ on twitter, DM’s open. I protect my sources.

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Does Jim Acosta’s Ex-Wife Even Exist?

Flushing – April 17, 2020 – First, I would like to emphatically state that I am not making any accusations in this article, I am only asking questions and presenting information I found while asking questions. I believe these are fair questions given the inconsistencies and information, or lack of, that I have found.

Second, credit to @QBlueSkyQ, whose twitter thread and research on this initially led me to do this research.

Sharon Mobley Stow (formerly Acosta). Who is she? There are very few answers available for that question. When you google her name, you are presented with a plethora of pictures of Jim Acosta along with a woman who very much appears to be Huma Abedin, along with a few photos of other different women. You also will find articles from several unknown websites which all basically say the same thing: that Sharon was married to Jim for 24 years; they had 3 children – 1 daughter whose name is not known, 1 son and daughter whose names are known; she is a very private person; she is well respected in her field of nursing, where she received her license in 2015; and she divorced Jim in 2017.

That’s about it on her from multiple articles, although each one does seem to have one or two small parts unique to that article, while other areas appear to be copy and pasted from other articles. That didn’t give me much to go on, although almost every article did state that she attended James Madison University after she graduated high school in 1989, where she met Jim and dated him for several years before they got married at a small, private ceremony in 1994. I found the yearbooks for James Madison University online, verified it was the one Acosta attended, and downloaded free copies from their website for each year from 1989-1993 and started looking through each class of each yearbook, in case she was listed in the wrong section. I checked every class in each book for both Mobley and Stow, again in case she was listed incorrectly.

I found no students with the last name of Stow from 1989-1993 in “Bluestone”, the yearbook for JMU. I found one student with the last name Mobley but she was a senior in 1989 and had a different first name and was not in other years. No Sharon Stow, or Sharon Mobley, or any Stow, was listed under any student listing, or back index of students, in any of the 5 years I checked. I did find Jim Acosta’s senior pic in the 1993 edition and him pictured with the campus radio station in the 1992 edition, which confirmed I have the right school and yearbook.

That is definitely odd, but could potentially have reasonable explanations. Next, I wanted to verify her nursing license from 2015. I was able to find her listed on the state of Maryland’s licensing website, which confirmed she applied for a temporary license on 9/1/2015, and then a permanent license on 9/14/2015, which were both granted to her under the Acosta last name. Her permanent license was renewed in 2018 (but she did not change her last name on her license, despite them divorcing in 2017 according to all information available) and is active until 12/28/2020. This information is all public record available on their website.

What I could not find was any verification of employment, or any nursing records of any licenses before 2015. What exactly did she do from 1994-2014? She wasn’t a housewife most of the time, which is evident from Jim’s Instagram, where he has several picture of him and his kids, who were all three young in the mid 2010’s. What is missing from his Instagram are any pictures of his wife, or any happy birthday wishes to her on 12/26, or any mention of her being pregnant or in labor with their children, or any mention of her at all that I could find in his over 2,100 Instagram posts to date. It is possible that Ms. Stow is a very private person and had Jim under strict orders to not mention her or post pictures online, but that wouldn’t account for not being listed in the yearbook, and allowing both to be coincidental is a bit much, at least for me.

I reached out to JMU to try to verify her degree and have not heard back. I also reached out the the church where their wedding took place in 1994 to verify that and have not heard back. I am also trying to verify her working in Maryland since 2015 and have been unable to do so yet. The marriage licenses from Maryland are not available online for 1994 and I am unable to travel there in person to look at them. Jim does have a book out and it is possible there is more information in there, but after viewing his over 2,000 Instagram posts, I am unable to subject myself to the level of torture that reading his book would inflict upon me, so you have my apologies for that failure.

Maybe there is a reasonable explanation for all this, and all I am doing is asking questions and presenting information I found. The overall picture is odd at best though and being more than just odd would lead to more questions that will take more research. I will leave speculation and theories on other reasons up to you. Who is Sharon Mobley Stow? That is all I am trying to answer. To those who would say she has a right to her privacy, I agree, but I also would say that her being married to such a high profile and public figure as Jim Acosta for more than 2 decades allows for a fair level of scrutiny and verification of the information that is given to us about her. I have not been able to verify anything about this woman aside from her RN license being issued in Maryland in 2015 and being renewed in 2018. Not one other fact is independently verifiable at this time. I will continue my research into this and update this article as more information becomes available that can be independently verified.

Do you have something you think the public needs to know? Contact me at [email protected] or @QuirkyFollowsQ on twitter, DM’s open. I protect my sources.

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