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Posted: Jan 24, 2022 12:01 AM

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Every year, a few vocal multimillionaires and billionaires publicly announce that there is nothing they would like more than to finally pay more taxes. Every such announcement attracts a great deal of media attention. After all, there is one rule journalists learn very early in their careers: “Dog bites postman is not a story, postman bites dog is.” This is a typical “postman bites dog” news story. Over the last few days, the media was again awash with reports that a group of more than 100 millionaires from nine countries have called on governments to make them pay more taxes. “Tax us, the rich, and tax us now,” pleaded the groups Patriotic Millionaires, Millionaires for Humanity and Tax Me Now, according to the left-wing organization Oxfam. For many years, I earned a decent amount as an entrepreneur and real estate investor in Germany, but my tax burden from my entrepreneurial activities was almost 50 percent every year. I also don’t evade taxes and don’t ‘cheat’ the system, although that is precisely what many people claim the rich are doing across the board. Yet not a single study has ever proved that tax evasion is more common among the rich than among the non-rich. What really annoys me are multimillionaires who themselves take excessive advantage of a host of tax planning arrangements and then publicly announce that they would like to pay more taxes. I know hundreds of multimil …

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