Posted is the Merriam-Webster definition of sacrifice. The third meaning fits what is to be discussed here. While many want to silence others, what are they really sacrificing without knowing it? No one can answer all of that question for there are many paths the leaders can take. Paths can even overlap at some time in the near future or further out. With a one party (uniparty) in control, who is around to stop them from stomping someone out because of one disagreement?

One answer many are posting is: We have Republicans standing up against the enemy. So Never Trumpers are banking their hard-earned money and intellect on those who have been burning citizens for all those years? Old guard Republicans voted against many things, added their own spending in defense bills, and let’s not forget the misuse of assets over the years. Don’t believe it- search votes on wars. Floating around is a picture of some sitting members of Congress meeting with those who want to do Americans harm. Whether or not one believes it is real or photoshopped, minds should be open to the possibility. Newsflash, those suppressing others will come for you next. First, the Trumpians. Never Trumpers are on the chopping block. Are Americans really ready to sacrifice future speech just to shut up one now?

The silencing won’t stop there. Moderate Democrats who cheered all this, word to the wise, a target is on your back as well. No one will be saved unless one pays the piper to mingle among the evil. Who has that kind of money? Americans on lock down due to a fear campaign? Covid is real, but is it enough for Americans to roll over and give up everything to the government? Wake up…  Take a moment to think about it this way; several million have been silenced, imprisoned, or held up in their homes due to threats, those people can no longer come fight when Uncle Sam comes for the Never Trumper/Rhinos. Do you think your Moderate Dems will fight? Look at how easy Congress Representatives roll over. They plead one way to the public and the vote cast in the security of the Capital reflects their true meaning. Money and power rules. Lobbyists are pulling many strings.

Come on, use the head for more than a hat rack, people. This time will come, but those that are silenced would have fought if they weren’t shackled. Betrayal happened. With each step, more and more Americans become prisoners. Do you want to be a prisoner to the government? The day is coming when only one group’s opinion will reign. That should scare every American enough to fight, to sacrifice feelings for the greater good, and be free from control.