August 2018:
Dylan Monroe – Q Map & Deep State Mapping Project

October 2018:
Sgt. Phil Suiters – Marion County Sheriff Office

November 2018:
Stardust – Journalist

December 2018:
Addison Riddleberger – Founder of
Kristen Keegan – American Border Foundation &
David Webb – Host of the “David Webb Show” on Sirus XM Radio

January 2019:
Quentin Kramer – American Border Foundation &
Anthony Simo – Journalist
Ann Vandersteel – SteelTruth
Jesse Loshe – Founder of Q Army Social
Eric Thompson – Host of Deplorables Show
Brenden Dilley – Journalist
Ben Garrison – Political Cartoonist
Juanita Broddrick – Bill Clinton Rape Survivor
Cjaye – The Deplorable Choir

February 2019:
Paul Serran – Journalist
Average Joe Patriot – Abe’s Brother
Retired Sgt. Santiago Vazquez – Candidate For Broward County Sheriff
Mike Closer – The Best Closer Live Stream
Sidney Powell – Best Selling Author of License To Lie
Craig “Sawman” Sawyer – Frm. Navy Seal & Vets 4 Child Rescue