The third night of the Republican National Convention honors American heroes and their contributions to our great American story. President Trump has restored pride in America by honoring those heroes who have strived, achieved, and sacrificed on behalf of their fellow countrymen and women. Accordingly, Wednesday night’s theme is “Land of Heroes.”

Tonight’s speakers, American heroes from all walks of life, will share their incredible stories and how President Trump went out of his way to thank and honor them for their heroism. Americans will hear from Vice President Mike Pence at the conclusion of the evening.

Clarence Henderson, a civil rights activist who participated in the Greensboro sit-ins in 1960, will share his story, why he is supporting President Trump, and the President’s accomplishments for Black Americans.

  • “Freedom of thought is a powerful thing. There are African-American voters all over the country who the media is trying to convince to conform to the same old Democratic talking points. You know what that’ll get you? The same old results.”
  • “These achievements demonstrate that Donald Trump truly cares about black lives. His policies show his heart. He has done more for black Americans in four years than Joe Biden has done in 50!”

Chen Guangcheng, a Chinese human rights activist, will speak to the rising threat from Communist China and how President Trump is finally standing up to the Chinese after decades of failed appeasement.

  •  “In the same way, the virus of the CCP is threatening the people of the world.  The policy of appeasement of former administrations—including Obama and Biden—has allowed the CCP to infiltrate and corrode different aspects of the global community.”
  • “The US must use its values of freedom, democracy, and the rule of law, to gather a coalition of other democracies to stop China’s aggression.  President Trump has led on this and we need the other countries to join him in this fight.  A fight for our future.”

Lou Holtz, a college football legend, will share why he trusts President Trump, his commitment to the American people, and his love for our country.

  • “When a leader tells you something, you’ve got to be able to count on it. That’s President Trump. He says what he means, he means what he says, and he’s done what he said he would do at every single turn.”
  • “President Trump always finds a way to get something done. If you want to do something bad enough, you will find a way. If not, you will find an excuse, and excuses are a lot easier to find than solutions. President Trump finds solutions.”

Scott Dane, a logger and trucker from Minnesota, will share how President Trump has reinvigorated America’s workers and thank him for supporting a strong middle class.

  • “When plants closed in Duluth, Sartel, and International Falls, they were just numbers on a paper to the Obama-Biden administration. To me, they were people and jobs and families.”
  • “Under President Trump, we’ve seen a new recognition of the value of forest management in reducing wildfires. And we’ve seen new support for our way of life—where a strong back and a strong work ethic can build a strong middle class.”

Sister Deirdre “Dede” Byrne of the Little Workers of the Sacred Hearts of Jesus and Mary will speak to President Trump’s unwavering commitment to the unborn and the pro-life cause.

  • “And while we tend to think of the marginalized as living beyond our borders, the truth is, the largest marginalized group in the world can be found in the United States. They are the unborn.”
  • “Donald Trump is the most pro-life President that this nation has ever had, defending life at all stages. His belief in the sanctity of life transcends politics.”

Sam Vigil, whose wife Jackie was shot and killed in her car in their garage, will share his tragic story and how President Trump has helped deliver justice for Jackie and other innocent victims of violent crime through Operation Legend.

  • “The police were overwhelmed. They needed help. Help arrived when President Trump launched Operation Legend in July of this year. Almost immediately, the FBI took over Jackie’s case. In a matter of days, they arrested four men. The fifth –  the suspected killer –  is in a Texas jail on unrelated charges.”
  • “I am extremely grateful to President Trump and the FBI for their efforts to deliver justice for Jackie and all the other innocent victims of violent crime.  I am honored to support the President because he is supporting us.”

Michael “Mick” McHale, a 27-year veteran of the Sarasota police department and president of the National Association of Police Organizations, will highlight why police officers across the country are overwhelmingly supporting President Trump.

  • “I’m proud that the overwhelming majority of American police officers are the best of the best and put their lives on the line without hesitation. And good officers need to know that their elected leaders and the department brass have their backs.”
  • “The violence we are seeing in these and other cities isn’t happening by chance; it’s the direct result of elected leaders refusing to allow law enforcement to protect our communities. “

Burgess Owens, a former NFL star now running for Congress in Utah, will share his story of “second chances” and how President Trump has delivered results for Black Americans.

  • “This November, we stand at a crossroads. Mobs torch our cities while popular members of Congress promote the SAME socialism my father fought against in World War II.”
  • “I’m running for Congress because we don’t need more career politicians. We need a few more chimney sweeps. We need more leaders like President Trump who understand the freedoms that make up the fabric of America.”

Keith Kellogg, a veteran of multiple wars and the current National Security Advisor to Vice President Mike Pence, will share how President Trump has put America’s best interests at the heart of every foreign policy decision he’s made.

  • “Over the past three and a half years, I have witnessed every major foreign policy and national security decision by the President  I have been in the room where it happened. I saw only one agenda and one guiding question when tough calls had to be made…is this decision right for America?”
  • “Ask yourself, has this President kept his promises…to keep us out of needless conflicts and to pursue ending wars without end? Has he defended your interests in renegotiating trade deals that previously hurt Americans and our national security? Has he fulfilled his Commander in Chief role by decisively going after our Nation’s enemies? You and I know, the answer is yes.”

Madison Cawthorne, a 25-year-old candidate for Congress who was left paralyzed from the waist down after a car accident, will share why he is fighting with President Trump to protect America’s founding ideals.

  • “I choose to fight for the future, to seize the high ground and retake the Shining City on a Hill. While the radical left wants to dismantle, defund, and destroy, Republicans, under President Trump’s leadership, want to rebuild, restore and renew.”
  • “The American idea my ancestors fought for during the Revolutionary War is as exciting and revolutionary today as it was 250 years ago. I say to Americans who love our country – young and old – be a radical for freedom. Be a radical for liberty. Be a radical for our republic.”

Americans will also hear from:

  • Second Lady Karen Pence, who will share stories about the heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces and how they have the unwavering support of President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence.
  • Congresswoman Elise Stefanik, who will highlight President Trump’s tireless commitment to America’s workers.
  • Congressman Lee Zeldin, who will share how President Trump’s coronavirus response delivered critical supplies for frontline workers.
  • Senator Marsha Blackburn, who will applaud America’s heroes and highlight how President Trump is standing up for them.
  • Kellyanne Conway, who will highlight how President Trump has been a champion for “everyday heroes” across the country.
  • Kayleigh McEnany, who will share how President Trump supported her as both a mom and as an American with a pre-existing condition.
  • Former acting Director of National Intelligence Ric Grenell, who will highlight how President Trump has always put America First in negotiations with world leaders.
  • Governor Kristi Noem, who will highlight President Trump’s unwavering commitment to fighting for America’s founding principles.