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Local Alabama media is already suggesting that the “Delta Variant” of COVID-19 could impact the fall sports season, citing a doctor from the University of Alabama at Birmingham in an article titled “Health officials say fall sports could be impacted by Delta Variant”.

Despite the CDC all but admitting that the controversial COVID-19 vaccines are virtually useless at preventing the spread of COVID-19, local TV station WBRC asserts that “health officials” are desperately “urging everyone to take the COVID-19 vaccine” before “the fall season, when they anticipate the Delta Variant will spread” to new heights.

National File recently reported that health officials in the United Kingdom, where the “Delta Variant” first ran rampant, induces symptoms identical to those of “hay fever” and the common cold, including runny noses, fatigue, sneezing, and other seemingly mundane inconveniences.

Still, WBRC continues, citing Dr. Michael Saag, a “UAB Infectious disease expert”, who apparently told the news station that “if you are packed into a football stadium, you can catch the virus from someone sitting behind or around you.” The good doctor apparently suggested that cheering for the home team may also pose a concern: “He said when someone is cheering loudly, the infection particles can reach up to eight feet. Saag said unvaccinated people should wear a mask at the game the entire time and those who are vaccinated should wear one too when they are in a large crowd with mixed vaccination status.”

Then, Saag seemed to suggest that, unless Alabamans get vaccinated in large numbers during the month of August, fall sports may be ruined by the mild “Delta Variant”. “We have four weeks to get vaccinated,” Saag told the news station. “Lets do it now. There is plenty of vaccine, lots of places to go, arms are ready, lets go do it. Get ready for the season. That’s how you can do your pre-season preparation,” he added, before declaring that children too young to be vaccinated must wear a mask while playing sports, “especially if they are playing with other unvaccinated kids.”