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As the United States prepares to reopen its borders to vaccinated travelers from countries that had previously been subjected to a travel ban, airlines are bracing for an “onslaught of travel all at once,” Delta Air Lines CEO Ed Bastian said Tuesday.

Starting Nov. 8, people from 33 countries that had been barred from entering the United States because of the pandemic will be able to enter if they are fully vaccinated and show proof of negative coronavirus test results. U.S. citizens and permanent residents have been able to enter the United States, but most others were shut out.

Airlines will be responsible for verifying travelers’ vaccination statuses. The requirements, according to the White House, include: matching the name and birth date of the traveler to the vaccination record; confirming the record was issued by an “official source” in the country where the vaccine was administered; and ensuring that the traveler has had enough doses and that enough time has elapsed such that the person can be considered fully vaccinated.

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