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Posted: Jan 24, 2022 12:01 AM

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Several years ago, in speaking with a friend who was an official of South Korea’s conservative, pro‑U.S. political party, then called the “Liberty Korea Party” and now known as the “People Power Party,” I was gently informed that as an American, I would not be able to fully comprehend the problems faced by Korean conservatives in their struggles with their leftist opponents. Seeking to satisfy my curiosity, I nevertheless pressed my friend to disclose to me the nature of these difficulties faced by his party and by Korean conservatives more broadly. It was the reply which I received that forever changed my badly mistaken impression that Korean politics was something totally alien and perhaps even incomprehensible to me and my fellow Americans.My Korean friend and conservative party official frankly explained to me that the problems plaguing him and his fellow conservatives in Korea, which resulted in very substantial electoral advantages to Korean leftists, and which I, as an American, would probably not be familiar with and therefore unable to easily comprehend and relate to, were as follows:1. The problem of left-wing bias in much of the so-called “mainstream” Korean media, which often slanted coverage against conservatives, and which was even a problem infecting some supposedly conservative- …

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