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You like Red? Without ever meeting you, I can tell immediately that you are a Bible-thumping, alt-right Nazi warmonger who watches FOX news and NASCAR. Oops, did you say you prefer Blue? Well in that case it’s clear to anybody with a brain that you care more about protecting your delicate feelings than getting a job and moving out of your parent’s basement you entitled whiny snowflake Millennial.

Now that THAT’S out of the way, I would like to offer a genuine welcome to all people from every area of the world, regardless of political beliefs, race, culture, religious preference, favorite color, social or financial status, age, whether you prefer coke or pepsi, and how well you dance or don’t.

Everything I am about to share is documented and can be verified by following any of the MANY dedicated channels and researchers and citizen journalists who are covering this information in deep depth on all public platforms possible. Rather than bore you with links and details, I will try to summarize in the hopes that you might decide to go see for yourselves all those proofs. I promise I’m not going to even exaggerate or reach for talking points here. Brace for it.

There has been a massive long term plot by a small and secret group of elites with the goal of implementing a one world order, where 99% of humanity is enslaved and controlled by a handful of truly evil families.

Here’s how they did it, and still do:

They financed both sides of every single conflict since the Napoleonic Wars, caring less about the “victory” because they would profit regardless. By repeating a cycles of war, they managed to amass at least 98% of the world’s wealth, while slaughtering, terrorizing and displacing millions of innocent civilians.

By sowing anger and division along imaginary lines into society, they watched while you and I and all the other “useless eaters” were busy fighting each other instead of noticing who the true culprits were all along!

Why didn’t the people try to STOP the evil leaders when it started happening? Were people back then really that evil and cruel to allow leaders to do such horrible things? Not at all, in fact it’s still going on today, in our country!

How to control everything without anybody noticing:
First, make sure you control every form of communication, every financial institution, every political process in the world. Make your citizens overworked, frightened, and barely able to survive. Ensure that brave individuals who try to speak out about corruption are either murdered, silenced, threatened, blackmailed or bribed. To really seal the deal, call anybody who disagrees “crazy”, discredit them loudly and often, encouraging others to shame and dismiss them.

Enter a completely new phenomena. Suddenly more and more people begin noticing “somethings not right”. You start hearing these outlandish theories, enough times to wonder what is going ON, has the world lost it’s mind?

Don’t despair, here comes the GOOD part!

We are now beginning to learn, via “anonymous” sources, where to find the solid proofs, the documents, the financial connections, the ongoing history of corruption and evil… and hundreds of thousands of individuals have been gathering these documents together in ways that can be preserved and shared to ALL people.

Who are these “anonymous sources”? Are they reliable? Is it all lies? Are they still trying to confuse us? Once you realize that it doesn’t even matter at this point, you begin to get excited.
The tipping point has been reached, we are too many to be stopped, too loud to be ignored, too persistent and widespread to be censored. The proofs are too concrete to be mere “coincidence”.

I’m trying to avoid bogging down with details, dates, names… because it’s more massive than anybody could have ever dreamed. This discovery has been happening anonymously, nobody can truly “prove” WHO has been helping people make these connections. But the connections are SO massive, so completely indisputable, so vast, deep, and in every single institution you can imagine that there is NO way these evil cowards can hide this time!

At the time of this writing, with over 3 solid months of 24/7 research being conducted and assembled by hundreds of thousands of anonymous “autists” (people who can’t stop digging until they find what they seek); an impressive archive has been curated, proving corruption more horrifying than even the sickest fantasy horror writer could conjure.

Allow me to at least try to ease you into what each one of us has already gone through: first you will feel complete disbelief, shock and confusion. This CAN’T be true!! This feeling will quickly turn into abject horror as each crime against our most innocent people is laid bare, and it’s bad. Very, very bad. Then, each and every human with a heart will experience the burning RAGE and (understandable) demand for vengeance and justice.

Once again, please let me remind each and every one, this is NO LONGER about Democrats or Republicans. It’s not about race, religion, sexuality, faith, opinions, thoughts, or ANY other forms of ‘division’.

It will take time (and practice!) for all of us to undo so much of the evil, to let go of the learned hatred of “the other side”. It’s finally time to stop using terms like “snowflake liberal” and “racist alt-right”. Let’s try to let go of all labels that push our brothers and sisters away from each other.

We The People, some of us anonymous but ALL of us passionate and committed, are FINALLY taking back the power from the sick elite who have lied, stolen, murdered, betrayed and committed the darkest, most unspeakable atrocities upon each and every one of us for at LEAST a century if not more!

We WILL overcome their censorship this time. Get ready for THE GREAT AWAKENING!!