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October 21, 2021

China Blocks NBA Games After Star Enes Kanter Posts Anti-Xi Jinping Video

Chinese internet streamer Tencent cut a live feed of a National Basketball Association (NBA) game Wednesday between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, users reported, after Celtics player Enes Kanter posted…

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From computer chips and lumber to cars and even gas, the supply shortage continues to affect Americans. Many believe the answer is simple, just stop buying things.

The Washington Post is the latest media outlet  pushing the idea that “spoiled” Americans need to lower their expectations instead of ranting about the supply chain issues.

Opinion: Don’t rant about short-staffed stores and supply chain woes. Try to lower expectations. https://t.co/3CLpV5HXbG

— The Washington Post (@washingtonpost) October 19, 2021

The author says this is should be a wakeup call, “”American consumers, their expectations pampered and catered to for decades, are not accustomed to inconvenience. Time for some new, more realistic expectations.”

ABC meteorologist, Ginger Zee, also agrees that the best way to deal with the supply shortage is to limit our purchases.

Likely unpopular opinion regarding the supply chain discussion … What can shoppers do? Reduce consumption. Our obsession with multiple gifts (especially for kids) is beyond what’s necessary. So many opportunities here to have bigger discussions. Support local, shop small & less.

— Ginger Zee (@Ginger_Zee) October 19, 2021

Tony Katz says this is the wrong mentality.

I’m a believer in shopping local…anything we can do that can lower dependence on China I’m in favor of. Notice I didn’t say ‘buy less.’ I said ‘change where you’re buying from…’

But it’s very wrong to think that reducing consumption is the answer to the supply issues. That’s an elitist, defeatist idea. It’s a dangerous take. It tells Americans to suffer in silence. I couldn’t be more opposed to it.

So instead of lowering expectations for supply shortages, we’ll just continue to have low expectations for the Biden administration.

Shop local, not less.



NIH Changes Its Tune, Confirms it Funded Wuhan Gain-of-Function Experiment that Made Bat Coronavirus More Dangerous

After National Institutes of Health director Francis Collins announced his retirement, the agency changed its tune on the alleged U.S.-funded Wuhan gain-of-function research. 

While both officials have denied approving grants for such research through the EcoHealth Alliance and the Wuhan Institute of Virology, a Wednesday letter from NIH Principal Deputy Director Lawrence Tabak to House Oversight Committee ranking republican James Comer says differently, according to Just the News.

The NIH received the relevant documents in 2018 and reviewed the documents in 2020 and again in 2021.

The NIH–specifically, Collins, Fauci, and Tabak–lied to Congress, lied to the press, and lied to the public. Knowingly. Willfully. Brazenly.

— Richard H. Ebright (@R_H_Ebright) October 20, 2021

The final progress report, submitted by EcoHealth in August, described a “limited experiment” in which a modified bat coronavirus made mice “sicker” than the original virus,” Tabak said in the letter. “As sometimes occurs in science, this was an unexpected result of the research, as opposed to something that the researchers set out to do.” 

Even though it wasn’t shown the bat coronaviruses could infect humans, out of “an abundance of caution,” it required EcoHealth to report “a one log increase in growth,” which would trigger a secondary review by NIH. 

EcoHealth didn’t do that, and it now has five days to turn over “any and all unpublished data” from the research to NIH. 

The letter repeatedly emphasizes the viruses studies under the grant and “subaward” to the Wuhan lab “could not have become SARS-CoV-2” because the “sequences of the viruses are genetically very distinct.” 

DISSIDENTS DESK: Hamachek, Blazek Discuss All Things New Hampshire

On this week’s episode of Human’s Making News: The Dissident’s Desk, Felisa Blazek of ThePatriotParty.Rocks and leader of New Hampshire’s Marigold Coffee Club, an activist group leading an effort to have voting machines removed from New Hampshire voting districts, discusses her various dissident efforts along with her new project, “Unite the Light.” 


Unite the Light is a nationwide tribute to the famous ride of Paul Revere in April of 1775 where legend has recorded, he shared the message “The British are coming.” The Unite the Light activity will see a “Liberty Lantern” be transported by volunteers across all 50 states, commencing October 24th in Portsmouth, New Hampshire and concluding December 24th at a point to be disclosed.


“Unite the Light is an effort to pass a lantern across the United States of America and give patriots a chance to stand up against the tyranny that has sweeping across our nation,’ Blazek states. She adds she was inspired to organize the event, “in order to show a united front like our forefathers did in facing down the British. Paul Revere was warning us that the enemy was coming by sea.  Today the enemy is already here on our land.”

Once the event launches, those interested can track the Liberty Lantern’s path across the country by visiting www.RedWhitenBlueTour.com. Its route can be followed in a manner familiar to those who watch Santa on “radar” every Christmas Eve.

In the podcast Felisa also discusses the current status surrounding the Marigold efforts to remove New Hampshire voting machines. She also shares her thoughts and advice regarding engaging in political dissident activities and what people should think about if they want to get involved in the effort to fight back against collectivism.  

China Blocks NBA Games After Star Enes Kanter Posts Anti-Xi Jinping Video

Chinese internet streamer Tencent cut a live feed of a National Basketball Association (NBA) game Wednesday between the New York Knicks and Boston Celtics, users reported, after Celtics player Enes Kanter posted a video online condemning Chinese dictator Xi Jinping.

NBA Star Enes Kanter Condemns China, ‘Brutal Dictator’ Xi Jinping in Tibet Freedom Video

Boston Celtics star Enes Kanter published a video Wednesday evening condemning China and dictator Xi Jinping by name for the decades-long brutal repression of Tibet, potentially jeopardizing the National Basketball Association’s (NBA) lucrative business ties with the regime.

Climate Change Group Boycotts D.C. Voting Rights Event over ‘Zionist’ Participation

The District of Columbia chapter of the Sunrise Movement, a radical group of climate change activists, announced Wednesday that it would not participate in a local voting rights rally because of the involvement of “Zionist” groups.

Buttigieg: There Will Be Supply Issues as Long as There’s a Pandemic, That Includes COVID Problems in Other Countries

On Wednesday’s broadcast of CNBC’s “Squawk Box,” Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg said there are supply issues “that will persist as long as this pandemic continues,” and that includes “things happening around the world. I mean, if a shoe factory closes in

Hunter Biden Claimed Knowledge of “Elite Networks” of Russian Oligarch Under FBI Investigation

Hunter Biden promised to provide juicy details regarding the business operations of a billionaire Russian oligarch under new FBI scrutiny to an American aluminum company in 2011. A mansion connected to Oleg Deripaska(owned by one of his relatives) was raided by the FBI earlier this week. Deripaska, a multibillionaire closely connected with the Russian government, has been previously prohibited from traveling to the United States on account of what federal authorities say is a connection to organized crime.

Biden offered to “provide Alcoa[a multinational aluminum corporation] with statistical analysis of political and corporate risks, elite networks associated with Oleg Deripaska (OD), Russian CEO of Basic Element company and United company RUSAL,” in emails obtained off of the the younger Biden’s laptop, surrendered to Delaware computer repairman John Paul Mac Isaac.

Biden demanded no less than $80,000 for briefing Alcoa on Deripaska’s elite networks and business connections, similar to an attempt to demand an exorbitant payment of $2 million in return for lobbying to unfreeze Libyan state funds locked in western banks around the same time. Biden’s company, Rosemont Seneca, would later offer his insider Russian knowledge to Alcoa at a discount price of $25,000.

Biden would go on to start his term as a board member of Burisma Holdings in 2014, three years after offering to provide Alcoa juicy information on Deripaska. His supposed insider knowledge of Mr. Deripaska’s business dealings and networks reveal the younger Biden’s insider connections into the notoriously corrupt world Russian and Ukrainian business world, unless he was simply lying about his knowledge of Deripaska to bilk Alcoa for money. The Department of the Treasury, at the direction of then-Secretary Steve Mnuchin and President Donald Trump, placed sanctions on Deripaska in 2018 for alleged exortion, racketeering, and money laundering.

New York Post writer Miranda Devine pointed out Biden’s connection to Deripaska in a Wednesday article, promising to further detail Hunter Biden’s extensive connections with corrupt post-Soviet oligarchs such as Deripaska in her upcoming book “Laptop From Hell.”

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